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Guns on Campus

Sponsored by:  Faculty Senate and The Center for Faculty Excellence

Summary: As of August 1, 2016 the Campus Carry law has come into effect on the TAMU-CC campus. The Faculty Senate in conjunction with The Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) is held an informative session for faculty. Our goal was to begin a conversation with faculty who have questions and concerns about the important changes that have come to our campus as the result of this law. Dr. Don Albrecht, Vice President for Student Engagement and Success was on hand to help answer any technical questions. The event was moderated by Dr. Joshua Ozymy (speaker, Faculty Senate) and Dr. Bryant Griffith (Interim Director, CFE). Drinks and snacks were provided. Relevant information can be found online at:

Upcoming Faculty Awards

The Faculty Senate's Awards, Bylaws and Elections (ABE) Committee is requesting nominations for six different Excellence awards that our Island University gives to honor members of the faculty for their excellent work. The six different Excellence awards are:

  1. Excellence in Creative Activity Award
  2. Excellence in Librarianship Award
  3. Excellence in Research and Scholarly Activity Award
  4. Excellence in Service Award
  5. Excellence in Teaching Award
  6. Excellence in Teaching Innovation Award

A detailed description of each award, the due date and the online form to be used for the initial nomination for each award, the due date for complete application packets from finalists and other relevant information can be found at

Please apply or encourage your colleagues to apply for these awards.

If you have questions, please contact me.

Thank you for your attention.


Miguel Moreno,

Chair, Faculty Senate Awards, Bylaws and Elections Committee,