Faculty Senate Minutes
UC - Tejas C
September 21, 2012


Present: J. Anderson, S. Anderson, Baldwin, Beltz, Bowden, Chambers, Concannon, Engelhardt, Friday, Garcia, Garrett, Griffith, Keys, Klaus, Larkin, Louis, Lyle, Miller, Spencer, Tejeda-Delgado, Zimmer

Absent: Li

Ex-Officio Present: Basse, Markwood, Meyer

Guests: Billeaux, Graham, Cherie McCollough, Don Berkich, Christine Shupala, Susan Murphy, Terry Tatum, Stephanie Box

1. The Speaker, Spencer, called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm. A quorum was established.

2.The agenda was reviewed. Spencer moved to strike Item 3c from the agenda; Friday seconded; the motion carried.

3. Lyle moved to approve the agenda as amended, Griffith seconded; the motion carried.

4. The minutes for the May 4, 2012 meeting were approved as written.


5. The changes in the Honors Program were initially presented in the May 4, 2012 Faculty Senate meeting. At the meeting consideration was tabled. Garrett brought a motion from the Academic Affairs Committee that we approve the Honors program as presented by the Honors Council. Don Berkich, director of the Honors Program, presented the changes and the rationale for the changes. Discussion ensued. Concerns were raised regarding the difficulty of completing the program for students in several majors (e.g. business and nursing). Parliamentarian Lyle noted that the time for discussion had expired. Garrett moved to extend the discussion for 5 additional minutes; Miller seconded; motion carried. Further discussion ensued

6. The motion from committee was seconded by Miller. The vote was 11 for; 8 against; and 3 absentions. The motion carried.


7. Chris Shupala presented the amended University mission statement that is due to the System in November. Zimmer moved to approve the amended University mission statement as presented; seconded by Chambers; the motion carried unanimously.


8. Committee on Committees (COC): Tejeda-Delgado

a) Timeline for COC:

b) Committees are being divided between COC members for quality control areas such as, but not limited to:

c) Faculty responses: Only one so far asking about the survey...clear interest in the results overall.
Provost Report on COC: The Provost has requested that the Faculty Senate. "Clarify the relationship between Faculty Senate and other Representative bodies such as (as of now, but may not be limited to) Graduate Council, Undergraduate Council and Core Curriculum Committee.  He will support and endorse the Faculty Senate placing this request as one of our agenda items."

9. Academic Affairs AA: Garrett

a) AA established regular meeting times

b) AA moved to support the changes proposed by the Honors Council and bring the motion to the Faculty Senate meeting September 21.

c) AA also agreed that if the Senate voted in favor of the motion, we would suggest that an AA Committee member be a liaison with Honor Council. David Miller volunteered to serve as liaison if the Senate approves.

10. Awards, Bylaws & Elections: (ABE): Louis

a) ABE has finalized the Faculty Awards Calendar for 2012-2013. The Piper Award and First-Year Advocate Award have been advertised. Communication has been established with the awards committees in all colleges.

b) ABE is considering bylaws changes to bring the bylaws into step with current practice, but will hold off on these until constitutional amendments are dealt with.

c) Two constitutional amendments have been suggested:

    • The representation of schools on faculty senate
    • Membership of non-tenure-track faculty in Faculty Senate. ABE has been collecting data on current practices at other system schools.

11. Budget: Chambers

a) The FY 2013 budget was reviewed. Overall, this is a well put together budget, and indicates a well-run organization especially in these economic times. The beginning Estimated Fund Balances indicate a continuation of doing better than before. Salaries:

    • Expenses are largely unchanged, with the exception of salaries, which have increased $2.8 million
    • Faculty salaries (allocated and unallocated combined) went from $31.4 million to $32.3 million, a 2.7% increase; non-faculty salaries (allocated and unallocated combined) went from $35.4 million to $37.4 million, a 5.6% increase.

b) Relevant to developing a model for faculty salaries: TEX ED. CODE ANN. ~ 51.908: Texas Statutes - Section 51.908: FACULTY COMPENSATION POLICIES says that institutions are responsible for the following: "to the greatest extent possible, provide the faculty of the institution with an average salary and benefits at least equal to the average of that provided by similar institutions nationwide having a similar role and mission."

Chambers moved that we approve the two presented Summer Teaching Surveys (or ones similar) to be disseminated this fall to gather some qualitative information about teaching experiences with summer school.Discussion ensued, revisions were suggested.Chambers amended the motion to read, "I move that we approve the two Summer Teaching Surveys, with revisions, to be disseminated this fall." Friday seconded the motion; the motion carried unanimously. Spencer directed the Senators to send all suggested changes to Chambers by October 4, 2012.

12. Faculty Affairs FA): S. Anderson

a) FA considered three Faculty Emeritus applications for Dr. Sam Logsdon (Music), Dr. Thomas Shirley (Marine Biology) and Dr. Ray Whitmire (Business) - FA unanimously supported candidates.
b) Merit/Equity Pay increases - working with the Budget Committee
c) FA is concerned about issues related to short mesters: Is this a pilot program? Who is collecting data? Is there a threshold of a certain number of mini-mester classes that need to make in order for whether any mini-mester classes will be offered or not? How will this affect hours/days offices need to stay open in late December and early January, library, financial aid, housing, police, parking, UC, bookstore, residence halls? What is the administrative impact of keeping university open these times?
d) Librarian status: In final stages of getting language right in promotion status docs for library. All area institutions offer faculty status but TAMUCC does not. Librarians need this to offer stability.
Academic Partnerships: how far along are faculty in working with AP in their respective programs? Information gathering - FA will come up with proposal regarding AP pro or con.
f) FA is considering changes requested by the Provost's office to the Full Time Non-tenure Track document and the Graduate Faculty Status documents and will bring those to the October meeting for discussion by the Senate


13. Business: Chambers

14. Education: Garrett

15. Liberal Arts: S. Anderson

16. Library: Louis

17. Nursing and Health Sciences: Beltz

18. Science & Engineering: Larkin

19. As the time approached 4p, in line with our bylaws, Spencer moved that we continue the meeting for 30 minutes; seconded by Chambers; motion carried.

20. Provost comments:

Dr. Markwood gave information about the budget. He spoke to the 2013 Academic Affairs agenda, and preparing for the SACs 5-year report. Distance education will be reviewed for support. Core was changed by placing the philosophy course, PHIL 3340, in with the humanities options, to lower the number of hours to meet the new state requirement. All courses that faculty wish to be placed in this new core must meet criteria for the six new learning outcomes decided upon by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.(PowerPoint presentation to be attached)

21. Having no further business, Friday moved to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,  

Suzanne Beltz


Senate Secretary