Faculty Senate Minutes
October 19, 2012
OCNR 363 - 2:00 p.m.

Present: J. Anderson, S. Anderson, Baldwin, Bowden, Chambers, Concannon, Garcia, Garrett, Giraldo, Griffith, Keys, Klaus, Larkin, Louis, Miller, Spencer, Tejeda-Delgado, Zimmer

Absent: Beltz, Engelhardt, Friday, Lyle

Ex Officio Present: Markwood, Meyer

Guests: Billeaux, Graham, Smart, C., Tatum, T., Coons, R.

1. Speaker Spencer calls the meeting to order at 2:05 p.m.

2. Jose Giraldo was welcomed by Speaker Spencer as the new representative from the College of Science & Engineering

3. Speaker asks for approval of the October agenda and amendments

4. Louis moves to approve the September minutes as amended

5. Senate members unanimously approves of October agenda and amendments


6. None


7. Roy Coons (Refer to Non-Motorized Transportation Devices handout: 3.1- 3.8) presenteda proposal to Faculty Senate

a. Formed sub-committee to address non-motorized vehicles on campus, with Dr. Amanda Drum as Chair and Alan Gutierrez, Rich Moore, Matt Gesler, Rachel Cox all on committee
b.Cost to implement estimated to be: $10,000
c. Coons responded to question: Keys: Would signs be posted & would students be given ample warning? Griffith: Have there been any documented incidents? Dr. Anderson: Will there be a fee and/or penalty fees? Provost: will you ask faculty to enforce?
d. Coons asks: "How do you feel about it?" 7 FS members raised their hand
e. Speaker said no action required but can take a casual vote
f. Bowen moved to endorse
g. Keys: second
h. All in favor: 14; 4 abstentions; 0 oppose

8. Speaker's Report:

a. Strategic Planning: broken up into 6 subcommittees and starting in early Nov. second meeting of the whole group looking at various plans of strategic planning.
b. Now have our own FS Blackboard space; committees have been set up there as discussion groups.
c. Meeting with Kathy Funk-Baxter to determine whether we can make dependent tuition lower.

9. University Rules (Shane Anderson):

a. Graduate Status Faculty: Changes: minor (title of the Contact for Interpretation)

i. No discussion
ii. Speaker asks " Table or vote now?"
iii. Cely indicated it was a procedure
iv. Klaus moved to approve as amended
v. Miller seconded
vi. All in favor as amended: 18; Against: 0; Abstentions: 0

b. Non-Tenure Track Revisions - 2 things that the Faculty Affairs Committee recommended to change:

i. Bowden: college policies, suggestion was made that colleges have to follow the procedures of tenure track college policies to make the non-tenure track policies not conflict with tenure track policies

1) Markwood: the intent is to follow the process, not the criteria
2) The word "guidelines" will be replaced with "process" Provost/Cely agreed)

ii. S. Anderson: The committee believes it must include language as to when a faculty member would be eligible to move from a non-tenure track to a tenure track

1) Bowden: Based on their Carnegie classification, most faculty senate members will be tenure tracked
2) S. Anderson: The language is necessary because some faculty have been in a non-tenure track for many years, and the committee wanted to leave it up to the college to determine what needed to be done to facilitate such a move.
3) Speaker asks "Any discussion?" none
4) Provost explained the practice as it is now. Non-tenured Faculty should not automatically transfer into a tenure track position. If it is determined that the position is to become tenure track, a person in the position should also follow a review process
5) Speaker asks: "Any other comments?" none
6) Provost comments : "Would like to table." Speaker tables it.

10. Model for Merit Equity Raise System (Valrie Chambers) see attached handout - The ad hoc committee: Budget Committee members, Faculty Affairs Committee members, Dean Quintanilla, Vice Provost Paul Meyer

a. Chambers discussed - the ad hoc committee's handout in length, especially FMV Based on the different faculty codes in CUPA or other recognized national source, and issues regarding the model
b. AQ Faculty Forum on this model has been scheduled for BH 103, Friday, Nov. 2, 2012 @ 1:30
c. Faculty Senate Vote will be during the next Faculty Senate meeting, Nov. 16th
d. Model for raises distributed monthly and one-time mini bonus check (see handout)
e. Issues:( See handout)
f. Proposed solution: Use an agreed upon Fair Market Value (FMV) for pegging compensation (see handout)
g.The "Pay Gap" relative to FMV will be updated every year based on changes in FMV
h. Merit should be recalculated as a multi-year average every year
i. Merit will have to be ranked based on college-developed criteria. Refer to the numerical examples in the Excel spreadsheet for examples of merit calculation.
j. Questions: Speaker: "What would keep the college and department chair from saying all of our children are above average and we deserve more money? " Chambers response indicated we don't expect to see radical behavior and may even see the opposite since resources have been rationed. This model does not eliminate all gaming, but does provide Provost oversight to keep the gaming in check. Also, gaming can go both ways: some Deans may actually game the opposite so that they can take credit for saving the University money.
k. Larkin: A cost analysis across all colleges might be done.
l. Meyer: Gave example: " A merit pool of 3%, what that would mean is when one college were more meritorious then others, then it wouldn't matter since ALL colleges would get the same (3%)."
m. Garrett: Likes the idea of the average over some number of years since scholarly output can vary from one year over the next
n. Merit Raises (see handout)
o. Meyer: "I had a question about this model and raised it to the Quintanilla. Maybe it's more important to raise the pay to those who are lowest paid? In other words, this is just one model, there are other models that can be used and different angles that this can be looked at and addressed as to what is really "fair." Whatever system/model we adopt, it will go across the university and this should be something we really think of. Careful that this system/model does not negate merit." (Chambers) We could raise the lower paid in Year 1, but since then they'd then be nearly at FMV in Year 2 +, it would be years before they saw more than a nominal raise again.
p. Chambers: This model is better for most people, most of the time
q. Larkin: Please compare different models, using the Excel spreadsheet
r. Garrett: When you were hired depends a lot on the salary one is currently making
s. Bowden: What % of our faculty overpaid? Very few (Chambers)
t. Problem: would be raises for underperformers in some cases (unavoidable)
u. Questions: Tejeda-Delgado asks "Always going to be some unavoidable?"
v. Would like FS feedback within a week or so to discuss in ad-hoc committee
w. Garrett: Appreciates all the hard work of the ad-hoc committee: never done before
x. Keys: Is there a way to video tape the forum and place it in the FS Bb shell?
y. Markwood: Yes on video
z. Meyer: Wanted to add that it is a great thing to be doing; it will actually bring the information about how much people are underpaid and more likely to correct salary in the future and Provost echoed


11. Academic Affairs: No Report

12. Awards, Bylaws & Elections:

a. Nomination to First Year Advocate
b. 2 Piper Awards Nominations
c. Governance Issues: Constitutional Amendment: Addresses membership of FS; Asking Senate to endorse the Constitutional Amendment (ask Librarian to send me the amendment)
d. Discuss the amendment at the next FS meeting; vote at the meeting following
e. If approved, the amendment vote will go to the faculty
f. We do not require any other approval beyond faculty approval
g. Speaker asks: "Is there a motion to endorse?"
h. Chambers: Moves to draft a proposal to include non-tenure track faculty to faculty senate
i. Jennifer seconds
j. All in favor: 18; 0 opposed; 0 abstentions

13. Budget:

a. Summer Pay Surveys: Please encourage faculty to complete it on Survey Monkey by Nov. 2
b. Asked Kathy Funk-Baxter
c. Monitoring overhead: Budget pool increases: Administrative up by 6% ; Faculty up by 2.7%
d. One unallocated pool for faculty (recommends to put that on hold status and check on it again in 6 months)
e. Shane: Survey question issue...Has been fixed

14. Committee on Committees

a. COC Committee has designated committees out to members for monitoring and accuracy purposes:

i. Dr. Englehardt: Committees A-F
ii. Dr. Griffith: Committees G-K
iii. Dr. Zimmer: Committees L-P
iv. Tejeda-Delgado: Committees Q-Z
v. Cely Smart: University Level Committees and Councils as per Provost

b. Based on a request by Provost Markwood and in collaboration with Speaker Spencer, COC will be drafting a proposal to submit to the Provost outlining the relationship between Faculty Senate and a number of committees and/or councils (refer to Faculty Senate Minutes 9/21/2012 for said committees)

15. Faculty Affairs: No further report

16. Provost Comments:

a. Commended efforts to get FS members involved in the Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement Committee
b. Civil Rights Compliance: System legal approved a policy
c. Asked Terry Tatum to speak about Blackboard (Bb) soon running the Bb servers, rather than having Bb on our campus servers. There will be a 24-hour outage to bring Bb down to make the transition, likely between this term and the January mini-term.

i. Keys: What will be the date of this shutdown?
ii. Tatum: We are not sure, but are currently planning for after finals, but before Christmas

d. A&M System will be launching "Empower U" on Oct. 29th for accountability, transparency, P-16 efforts, etc. A marketing effort as well is intended to provide an awareness of what our universities are doing in the community and with the legislature
e. 2 Searches: Dean for Graduate Studies & Assessment Director
f. Has authorized approx. 30 faculty lines - new lines and vacancies; could authorize another 10
g. Bomb threat at TAMU today. We are taking threats very seriously. Coons has been charged in developing a strategic plan on how to respond to things like bomb threats. FS should be looking out for a plan.

17. Approval of September 21 minutes as written: 17 approved; 0 opposed; 1 abstention: Giraldo

18. Speaker adjourned meeting at 3:58 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carmen Tejeda-Delgado, Ed.D
Chair, Committee on Committees