Faculty Senate Minutes
October 14, 2011
Bay Hall-126, 2:00-4:00 p.m.

Attendance: Allred, Anderson, Benibo, Bowden, Chambers, Garrett, Katz, Larkin, Li, Louis, Loveland, Miller, Moody, Picou, Ridley, Spencer, Tejeda-Delgado

Guests: Billeaux, Graham, Markwood, Needham, Smart, Thornton

1.      Katz called the meeting to order at 2:02 p.m.

2.      Katz moved Calendar Committee to first to accommodate guest (Needham).

2.1.   Katz noted that faculty have commented on why we meet classes before the fall and spring holidays (Labor Day and MLK day). Reason is that we don't count reading days as class dates.

2.2.   Another senator asked why we didn't push the calendar back to begin after the holiday instead of shifting the calendar to end a week earlier than other system schools .

2.3.   Katz noted that meeting during the first week (before holidays) creates difficulties for course scheduling.

2.4.   Needham agreed to revise the calendar to include the option of starting after the holidays.

2.5.   Ridley moved to accept the calendar as presented, Benibo seconded.

2.6.   Katz proposed a friendly amendment that the senate would vote on the proposed 2014 calendar via email at the end of the month to give senators time to discuss the proposed changes with the faculty in their college. Ridley accepted the friendly amendment.

2.7.   Benibo proposed a friendly amendment that we poll the entire faculty .

2.8. The motion carried. Needham will provide a copy of the proposed changes to Markwood by Monday
by distribution.

3.      Tejeda-Delgado moved to table the approval of the minutes until the November meeting, Benibo seconded. The motion carried.

4.      Speaker's Report.

4.1.   Katz received a draft of the revised promotion policy and revised non-tenured faculty ranks documents this morning. Will be reviewed by Faculty Affairs committee before coming to the full senate at the next meeting.

4.2.   Requests for data/information from Institutional Research or Finance should come through the chair of the senate Budget committee (Moody).

4.3.   Using Digital Measures to store syllabi for HB 2504 compliance.

4.3.1.      Katz noted that faculty should be given input into this process.

4.3.2.      Other senators asked why Blackboard was not being considered for this purpose.

4.4.   Class Specific Fees – Issues include revenue distribution, bad faith, quick discussion item

4.4.1.      Most reported issues have been addressed since Executive Committee meeting.

4.4.2.      Concerns about how cost increases covered by course fees are being handled.            Markwood noted that the Chief Budget Officer will send a request in November for proposed fee increases.

4.5.   Reports of irregularities on Graduate Council – call for information about possible reorganization.
Graduate Council struggling to identify scope of responsibilities.

4.5.1.      Committee on Committees should review structure, role, and reporting responsibilities.

4.6.   Fairness

4.6.1.      CV's of administrators and others teaching classes

4.6.2.      Statistics: Average class size, administrative cost ratio

4.6.3.      Evaluation of deans and others. Provost reported that this process will start up again this year
with a start date in the spring .

4.6.4.      Physical plant issues – who pays for supplies, look for issues that may have been overlooked in
new custodial contract. Markwood suggested that a discussion with Funk-Baxter might be

5.      Academic Dishonesty Policy (see attachment to agenda)

5.1.   Picou moved to approve, Spencer seconded.

5.2.   A senator noted that the form based on this policy still requires the faculty member to classify the type of academic misconduct .

5.2.1.      Picou moved to amend the policy to make it clear that the misconduct form needs to be revised
to eliminate the requirement for faculty to classify the type of misconduct which ultimately ties
the hands of grievance committee.

5.2.2.      The motion passed as amended.

6.      Civil Rights Procedure (see attachment to agenda)

6.1.   Spencer moved to approve, Miller seconded, the motion passed.

7.      Summer Pay Reorganization – Moody moved that we take this item off the action item agenda and move it to the Budget Committee report. Picou seconded. The motion passed.

8.      Faculty Fellowship Procedure (see attachment to agenda)

8.1.   Markwood noted that two faculty received prestigious fellowship awards and then discovered that we had no procedure in place to address issues like continuity of benefits, effect on tenure/promotion timeline, etc. Graduate dean was asked to review best practices and new policy was developed to create consistency.

8.2.   Katz asked senators to review this policy for vote at next meeting.

9.      Senate Committee Reports

9.1.   Academic Affairs Committee (Anderson) --

9.1.1.      Made some changes to academic dishonesty policy.

9.1.2.      Currently looking at student evaluation forms.

9.2.   ABE Committee, (Benibo) --

9.2.1.      Have not received many nominations or applications for awards this year. Please encourage
colleagues to apply.

9.3.   Budget Committee (Moody) --

9.3.1.      Developing an ad hoc committee with broader representation.

9.3.2.      Markwood noted a factual correction to the September minutes. The average class size in
summer is 17 not 11 as previously reported. This number is 22% lower than the average spring
class size and 17.5% lower than the average fall class size.

9.3.3.      Committee has gathered and examined data and are struggling to identify a budget crisis that
necessitates restructuring of summer pay.

9.3.4.      Chambers presented budget data illustrating reasons for confusion about source of budget
shortfall and the impact of implementing the numbers Markwood presented at the last
meeting. Refer to handouts provided at the meeting for more information.            Markwood noted that his handout did not represent a "plan", that it was merely a
concept with sample numbers.

9.3.5.      Picou moved to extend the meeting, Benibo seconded. The motion carried.

9.3.6.      Senators suggested that the budget committee needs to meet with the Provost to obtain a
better understanding of the issues.            The budget committee will schedule a meeting as soon as the composition of the ad-hoc salary committee is determined.

9.3.7.      Markwood noted that the budget for 2012 summer salaries was $500,000 less than the budget
for 2011 summer salaries.            A senator asked Markwood about the amount of projected revenue from which that
budget was derived. Markwood agreed to provide that number.

9.3.8.      Markwood noted that we need to have a plan in place by December for allocating the summer
2012 salary budget.

9.4.   Committee on Committees (Loveland reporting for McCollough) --
provided Markwood with recommendations for task forces.

9.5.   Faculty Affairs --
has not met. Will review promotion policy at first meeting this month.

10.  Call for University Committee Reports --
no reports

11. Katz adjourned the meeting at 4:19 PM

Respectfully Submitted

Karen A. Loveland, Faculty Senate Secretary