Faculty Senate Minutes
BH - 126
January 20, 2012

Attendance: J. Anderson, S. Anderson, Beltz, Bowden, Chambers, Katz, Larkin, Louis, Loveland, Lyle, Moody, Picou, Ridley, Spencer, Tejeda-Delgado.

Guests: Billeaux, Bonds, Graham, Markwood, Meyer

1. Speaker Katz called the meeting to order at 2:03 PM

2. Approval of minutes - not handled

3. Welcome and Introductions

3.1. Introduced Susanne Bonds (staff council representative)
3.2. Replacement for Zach - Jennifer Anderson introduced.

4. Speaker's Report.

4.1. TCFS Texas Council of Faculty Senates - Katz asked for volunteers to attend the Feb. meeting.

5. Summer Plan

5.1. Discussion about removing resolution re: summer pay from the table.
5.2. The provost clarified that the contribution to the University was based on net undergraduate and graduate tuition (NTRG). 5.3. A senator noted that some faculty will suffer a pay cut next summer IF the proposed model results in an increase in minimum course sizes.
5.4. Extensive discussion of the implications of the proposed plan followed.
5.5. Spencer moved to approve the 1/11/2012 summer model. Lyle seconded.

5.5.1. A senator noted that there was a possibility under the model of replacing our regular faculty with lower paid adjuncts, especially in business.
5.5.2. The provost stated that if he heard that a dean was replacing our faculty with adjuncts that dean would have a problem with him.
5.5.3. Lyle called for a vote. The motion passed (9 for, 2 against, 3 abstentions).

6. Promotion Procedure - Katz noted that the BOR has decreased the number of meetings which has decreased the time we have to review policies related to their directives in order to meet their deadlines.

6.1. Markwood noted that the board does not have to approve the promotion policy, but that system legal would need to review it before fall appointment letters are sent.
6.2. Katz noted that the primary concern with the policy was the creation of additional committees. A senator noted that some junior faculty seemed to appreciate the addition of a departmental committee.
6.3. A senator noted a concern about a "dead year". If you apply for promotion in one year and receive it the next, the policy implies that activities in the application year donít count. The provost suggested that the easiest solution would be to note that the application year counts toward the next promotion level.
6.4. The provost noted that the new policies tie tenure and promotion together so people who are tenured will also be promoted to associate professor.
6.5. Markwood noted that revisions will come to the deans and senate committee again before returning to the full senate for a vote. The process will include a note about grandfathering criteria for people who are close to tenure or promotion. Markwood also noted that he would ensure that each college's criteria would include a grandfather clause for people already on the timeline.

7. University Studies Degree - Meyer noted that it must go to the coordinating board by Feb. 8 to make the March 2012 agenda for Fall 2013 implementation. Billeaux noted that we can still make changes after submission.

7.1. Spencer moved to send the degree proposal to the system to get it on the agenda for the March meeting. Katz seconded. A senator expressed concerns that we were granting tacit approval to the degree. Meyer noted that we were merely approving sending a proposal to the board and that he would bring the degree program back to senate. The motion passed (13 for, 0 against).

8. Handicap Parking near Nursing

8.1. Chambers moved to ask the administration to deal with problem, Picou seconded. Motion carried (11 for, 0 against).

9. Senate Committee Reports

9.1. Academic Affairs Committee - no report
9.2. ABE Committee - no report
9.3. Budget Committee - no report
9.4. Committee on Committees - no report
9.5. Faculty Affairs - no report

10. Call for University Committee Reports (working list of university committees that might report) - no reports

11. Provost Comments - Provost asked faculty to review the non-tenure track faculty policies. He noted it was very important due to increasing number of faculty occupying these ranks

12. Katz adjourned the meeting at 3:59 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Loveland,
Secretary, Faculty Senate