Faculty Senate Minutes
January 10, 2012

Attendance: Anderson, Beltz, Benibo, Bowden, Chambers, Garcia, Garrett, Katz, Larkin, Li, Louis, Lyle, McCollough, Miller, Moody, Picou, Ridley, Sefcik, Spencer

Ex Officio: Billeaux, Graham, Markwood, Meyer

1. Speaker Katz called the meeting to order at 2:04 p.m.

2. Welcome and Introductions

3. Speaker's Report/Discussion/Information Items

3.1. Purpose of Meeting - Review and approve the Alternative Summer Model draft dated 1/3/2012, the rough plan for summer salaries based on administrative requirements for budget constraints.

4. Spencer proposed a friendly amendment to review and discuss amendment issues to the Alternative Summer Model. Miller seconded.

5. Discussion on Alternative Summer Model draft dated 1/3/012.

5.1. The new model created an array of questionable gray areas that need more complete or tangible definitions before Faculty Senate will be able to approve the draft. One senator remarked that the model had issues that were vague and needed to be more specific, revised and sent out to the faculty for their review. Further discussion about the model followed with a friendly amendment to change the first paragraph to read as referenced below:

"With input from department chairs and faculty, each dean has the responsibility to develop and propose the best summer schedule (Maymester, Summer I, Summer II). The revenue (net undergraduate and graduate tuition) generated from this schedule must cover faculty salaries plus 40% of salary expenses."

6. The Provost mentioned that he and the Vice President of Finance and Administration will determine enrollment course date and provide this information to the Deans and they will work closely with the Deans to provide them with any additional information necessary for them to make their decisions. He also remarked that he will work with the Deans and the Deans will work with faculty for limits and expectations. He also pointed out that he has to make available to the President the justification for courses being taught.

7. The speaker commented that he would prefer to have the Faculty Senate become more involved in working on the model to help increase faculty efficiency. He suggested that in the future he would like to see the Faculty Senate work with the Provost and the VP of Finance and Administration in reviewing the Alternate Summer Model. He suggested that the Faculty Senate invite the Provost and the Vice President of Finance and Administration to the Fall 2012 (and all out years) to the Faculty Senate Meeting for this purpose.

8. Beltz moved to table the motion to review and discuss amendment issues to the Alternative Summer Model until the next Faculty Senate Meeting in order to allow for faculty responses. Lyle seconded. The motion passed (18 for, 1 against, 0 abstentions).

9. The Speaker plans to send the Alternate Summer Model revision as of January 10, 2012 to the faculty and the Provost and then determine where we are before the next faculty meeting scheduled for January 20, 2012. The Alternate Summer Model will be the first item on the next scheduled agenda and the Promotion Policy will be the second item on the agenda.

10. Katz adjourned the meeting at 3:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Yvonne Graham
Assistant to Faculty Senate