Faculty Senate Minutes
April 15, 2011 (Draft)

1.       Speaker Katz called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM.

2.       Welcome and Introductions

3.       Speaker's Report

3.1.    No catalog copy this year.

3.2.    Facilities Use

4.       Parking/Parking Fees -- Report from Jody Nelson

4.1.    Discussion of FY 2012 proposed parking fees (see handout)

4.2.    Questions for Jody Nelsen followed.

5.       Approval of Feb. minutes (McCollough moved, Beltz seconded) as corrected

6.       Approval of Mar. min (Sefcik moved, Beltz seconded) as presented.

7.       April draft of tenure policy

7.1.    Katz noted that the April draft is significantly improved over the March draft. The most recent revision addressed the three primary concerns expressed by faculty

7.2.    See tenure process and timeline chart provided by Katz.

7.2.1. Add faculty notification between department chair review and college-level review.

7.2.2. Katz noted that there may be too many levels of review. Another senator suggested that college committees already have enough trouble completing the reviews by the deadline in the current timeline and adding the new departmental level review would give them even less time to complete their reviews.

7.2.3. A senator asked about the role and value of the university-level committee. Markwood suggested that it was a common practice and the main purpose was to provide oversight of the college level processes to minimize capricious or arbitrary decisions.

7.2.4. A senator asked about the deadline/cutoff for making additions/changes to the document.

7.2.5. A senator asked about including written recommendations from each level of review in the dossier. Markwood noted that about half the institutions did it that way but others keep it private. Most senators indicated their support for an open process while a few expressed preference for a blind review process.

7.3.    Committee Report on issues with draft policy

7.3.1. See notes from Katz

7.3.2. A senator asked about the grandfathering...if a faculty member wanted to go up under newer policies they should have that choice.

7.3.3. Special circumstances in the College of Nursing

7.3.4. Should university committee see all or only disputed dossiers...majority favors all.

7.4.    Deans have the draft document as it stands now without our comments. Katz noted that our comments should be shared with the deans as they discuss the policy.

7.5.    Katz noted we should send comments to Ruby M. and the rest of the FAC.

8.       Indirect Funds -- money collected from grants used to support indirect funds. Historically, 20% of those funds go to PI...that number has been reduced to 5% with the rest going to the dean to support funding for additional research initiatives.

9.       Etheridge moved to suspend the rules, Moody seconded...meeting extended.

10.   Blackboard Training --

10.1.Moving to 9.1

11.   Committee reports

11.1.AAC --

11.1.1.    Dishonest policy under review

11.1.2.    Catalog copy still in graduate council

11.2.ABE committee -- election results -- see email

11.2.1.    Need better participation in elections

11.3.Budget -- no report

11.4.Committee on committees...no report

11.5.Faculty Affairs -- no report.

12.   Certificates for outgoing senators

13.   Bookstore -- concerns about service...we do NOT have to renew contract...survey concerns...do something about it.

14.   Introduce new senators

15.   Motion to adjourn -- Etheridge moved , Katangur seconded. Motion carries.

16.   Elections

16.1.Speaker -- Sefcik nominated Katz, Spencer. Picou moved to close and accept by acclimation. The motion carried.

16.2.Deputy Speaker -- Loveland nominated Spencer , Picou seconded. Picou moved to close, Sefcik seconded. Motion carried.

16.3.Secretary -- Katz moved, Ridley seconded. Sefcik moved to close and accept, Ridley seconded...motion carried.

17.   Committee Assignments -- (chair or selected rep serves on Exec.)

17.1.Faculty Affairs -- Sefcik (Chair - CONHS), Ridley (nursing), Ocker (COE), Allred (Library)

17.2.Academic Affairs -- Anderson (Chair -- COLA), Garrett (COE)

17.3.Committee on Committees -- McCollough (Chair -- COST), Tejeda-Delgado (COE)

17.4.Budget -- Moody (Chair - COE) Picou (COB), Larkin (COST), Spencer (COB)

17.5.ABE -- Miller (Nursing)

18.   Committee Chairs -- see above

18.1.Need chair of ABE -- executive committee rep should be library.

19.   Tenure policy -- Katz noted that he wants to get maximum buy in for what he thinks is a FAR better policy than we have right now. What should we do?

20.   Motion to adjourn at 5:32 PM (Loveland moved, seconded, Larkin seconded, motion carried).