April 13, 2012
BH- 126  

Attendance: J. Anderson, S. Anderson, Beltz, Benibo, Bowden, Chambers, Concannon, Engelhardt, Friday, Garcia, Garrett, Katz, Klaus, Larkin, Louis, Loveland, Lyle, Miller, Sefcik, Spencer, Zimmer.

Guests: Billeaux, Graham, Markwood

1.       Approval of minutes

1.1.    The minutes of the February 24, 2012 and March 23, 2012 meeting were approved as presented (Miller moved to approve, Larkin seconded, the motion passed).

2.       Welcome and Introductions

2.1.    Speaker Katz welcomed the new senators to the meeting.

3.       Shortened Course Approval Process

3.1.    Add sentence to paragraph 3.1 that courses already taught do not require review by graduate or undergraduate council approval.

3.2.    Sefcik moved to approve as edited, Garrett seconded. The motion passed (16 for, 0 against, 0 abstentions)

4.       New Honors Program

4.1.    Background/Update:

4.1.1. Honors program revisions were approved by honors council.

4.1.2. At the previous meeting, a senator expressed concerns that the program was not reviewed by undergraduate council.

4.1.3. Billeaux noted that he is not convinced this program requires approval of the undergraduate council and that he plans to review our policies and procedures for program approval to ensure the steps are clear.

4.1.4. Billeaux also noted that he presented it to the undergraduate council two times since the last senate meeting. Both times, the UC did not have a quorum though the vote was 4 to 3 in favor of the program revisions.

4.2.    Larkin moved to approve, Anderson seconded.

4.2.1. A senator noted that the program appears to exclude a number of students and that liberal arts students are especially at a disadvantage in the program.

4.2.2. Another senator noted that the new program will also tend to exclude nursing students. Another senator indicated that nursing students would be unable to add required courses to their schedule without extending time to graduation.

4.2.3. Another senator noted that there is some confusion about the project of excellence due to the stricken language in the copy of the program presented to senate. Billeaux noted that the project of excellence will stay in the program and that the stricken language was due to changing the way it was administered.

4.2.4. Benibo moved to table the motion, Garcia seconded. The motion to table passed (16 for, 0 against, 0 abstentions)

5.       Graduate Academic and Degree Requirements Revision

5.1.    Beltz moved to approve, Benibo seconded.

5.2.    A senator noted that the policy appears to give final approval of dissertations to the Office of Graduate Studies. Several senators expressed concern that the dissertation committee should give final approval and questioned the nature of the review by the OGS.

5.2.1. Markwood suggested that he is aware of several significant issues with dissertations that made it through the dissertation committee. He suggested tabling the motion until the role of the OGS can be clarified.

5.2.2. Another senator noted that while faculty governance is important, the provost and the graduate dean are the ones who certify that students have completed requirements for the degree and thus should have some role in reviewing graduation requirements.

5.2.3. The motion failed to be approved (0 for, 16 against, 0 abstentions).

6.       Religious Studies Minor and Kinesiology Minors

6.1.    Several senators noted that the minors need to go through undergraduate council before coming to senate.

6.2.    Spencer moved to remove the items from the agenda, Loveland seconded. The motion passed by voice assent.

7.       Foreign Language Requirement Change

7.1.    We have a large group of Chinese students who may try to take introductory Chinese to satisfy foreign language requirements. The policy was revised to eliminate this possibility.

7.2.    Anderson moved to approve the language change, Anderson seconded.

7.2.1. A senator noted that English language students do not always earn an "easy A" in English classes.

7.2.2. Markwood noted that the proposed change focused on lower level introductory classes.

7.2.3. A senator asked why this was an emergency item for senate. Because new Chinese classes were starting in the Fall and students were registering now.

7.2.4. Benibo moved to end discussion. The motion passed (12 for, 0 against, 2 abstentions).

7.2.5. The original motion passed (7 for, 5 against, 3 abstentions).

8.       Grade Appeals Procedure Change and Summary of changes

8.1.    Garrett moved to approve, Lewis seconded.

8.2.    A senator asked for clarification about whether the library serves on such committees. The policy does not include librarians.

8.2.1. Billeaux noted that he was willing to modify the policy to include librarians. Katz noted that we would also need to modify the language in the academic misconduct policy. One of the library representatives suggested that input from the director of the library would be helpful in determining library representation.

8.2.2. Several senators recommended revising the policy to clarify the role of librarians and the bringing it back to senate at the future.

8.2.3. Spencer moved to table the motion, Benibo seconded. The motion to table passed (14 for, 1 against, 1 abstention).

9.       Committee Reports

9.1.    ABE Committee

9.1.1. Elections - All openings for 2012-2013 have been filled. Benibo expressed his gratitude to Bonnie for managing distribution and collection of ballots.

9.1.2. ABE has finished review of all awards except Regent's Award. Final approval of the provost is pending. Regent's award recommendations are due in May.

9.1.3. ABE has submitted recommendations for all university service awards. Ceremony is scheduled for April 27.

9.2.    Budget Committee - no report.

9.3.    Committee on Committees - Survey will be sent next week as the last task of the outgoing speaker and secretary.

9.4.    Faculty Affairs - Sefcik distributed annual report.

9.4.1. Recommendation for faculty emeritus has been sent to the provost.

9.4.2. Committee recommends development of policy related to emeritus status.

10.   Speaker's Report.

10.1.Policy for non-motorized vehicle use on campus was supposed to be presented at this meeting. Will be presented to staff council at the next meeting. Senate should expect to see this at a future meeting.

10.2.Concerns for future:

10.2.1.    Nimbleness - more reactive than proactive. Frequently forced to react to political actions without enough time to consider implications of changes.

10.2.2.    Less input in the president's cabinet - as a faculty, we are less familiar with the cabinet than we were four years ago. Solution must come from the president's office.

10.2.3.    Academic Partnership, Arkansas State - concerns that pressure for a quick decision may influence quality of decision. Markwood explained that AP is a company that markets online programs for state universities. Company assists with marketing, recruitment, and advising processes (not actual advising). TAMUCC already has an agreement signed with AP to market nursing. Discussions underway with MBA. Markwood noted that curriculum is still under our control.

11.   Provost comments

11.1.President's cabinet approved promotion policy and development leave policy. Announced that development leaves will be available starting in the fall.

11.2.The next Islander Forum is scheduled for Friday, August 17.

11.3.Interviews for VP student success start Sunday in off-campus locations.

11.4.President, provost, and Funk-Baxter presenting request for tuition increase in College Station next week. Following week reporting on low producing programs to CB.

11.5.Revisions to core will take significant time. Departments should be prepared.

11.6.Dean's evaluation instrument should be finalized and distributed by next week.

11.7.Met with Blackboard executives to discuss issues last week.

11.7.1.    A senator asked about contingency plans related to restoring BB operations following a disaster. Markwood noted that we are still exploring alternatives and that the issue should be settled by fall. The university is exploring outside hosting.

12.   Katz presented appreciation certificates to outgoing senators.

13.   Spencer presented a plaque to Katz in appreciation for his service.

14.   Katz reviewed procedure for new meeting.

15.   Katz adjourned the meeting at 3:45 PM.


Respectfully Submitted

Karen A. Loveland, Faculty Senate Secretary


Faculty Senate Minutes (2012-2013 organization meeting)
BH - 126
April 13, 2012

Present: J. Anderson, S. Anderson, Beltz, Bowden, Chambers, Concannon, Engelhardt, Friday Garrett, Kraus, Larkin, Louis, Lyle, Miller, Spencer, Zimmer

Absent: Baldwin, Garcia, Griffith, Keys, Li, Tejeda-Delgado

Guests: Benibo, Graham

1. Chair of the ABE Committee, Benibo reconvened the Senate with new Senators and called the meeting to order at 3:55 pm. Benibo described the procedure for election of officers for the 2012-2013 Senate. As the time for meeting was at the 4:00pm deadline, Benibo explaned that we needed to extend the meeting for 1/2 hour more. Moved by Miller and Spencer seconded. The motion carried by voice assent.

2. Elections

2.1 Speaker -- Lyle nominated Spencer. Beltz seconded. Miller moved to close nominations and accept Spencer by acclimation. Seconded by Zimmer. Motion carried.

2.2 Deputy Speaker -- Zimmer nominated Larkin, Miller seconded. Chambers nominated Bowden, Garrett seconded. Miller moved to close nominations and ballots were distributed and counted. Larkin was elected by a majority.

2.3 Secretary -- Miller nominated Beltz. Lyle seconded. Miller moved to close nominations and accept Beltz by acclimation. Motion was seconded by Spencer, and was passed.

3. Benibo turned the meeting over to the newly elected Senate Speaker. Spencer proceeded with organizing Committee Appointments.

3.1 Senators were distributed to serve on standing committees by all present as follows:

Academic Affairs (AA)
*Sherrye Garrett - College of Education (COE)
David Miller - College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CONHS)
Long-zhuang Li - College of Science and Engineering (COSE)
Kevin Concannon - College of Liberal Arts (CLA)

Awards and Bylaws (ABE)
*Lisa Louis - Mary and Jeff Bell Library (LIBR)
Stacey Lyle - College of Science and Engineering (COSE)
Amanda Garcia - College of Liberal Arts (CLA)
Sara Baldwin - College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CONHS)

Budget Committee
*Valerie Chambers - College of Business (COB)
Tim Klaus - College of Business (COB)
Yolanda Keys - College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CONHS)

Committee on Committees (COC)
*Carmen Tejeda-Delagado - College of Education (COE)
Bryant Griffith - College of Education (COE)
Beale Zimmer - College of Science and Engineering (COSE)
Molly Engelhart - College of Liberal Arts (CLA)
Suzanne Beltz - College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CONHS)

Faculty Affairs
*Shane Anderson - College of Liberal Arts (CLA)
Jennifer Anderson - Mary and Jeff Bell Library (LIBR)
Randall Bowden - College of Education (COE)
Swint Friday - College of Business (COB)

4. Each committee selected its chair as indicated above with *.

The 2012-2013 Executive Committee:
Marilyn Spencer (COB) - Speaker
Patrick Larkin (COSE) - Deputy Speaker
Suzanne Beltz(CONHS) - Secretary

Standing Committee Chairs:
Lisa Louis (LIBR)
Carmen Tejeda-Delgado (COE)
Sherrye Garrett (COE)
Shane Anderson (CLA)
Valerie Chambers (COB)

6. The next meeting of the Faculty Senate will be May 4, 2012, at 2 p.m.

7. Having no further business the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Suzanne Beltz,
Senate Secretary