Faculty Senate Minutes
November 19, 2010

Attendance:    Allred, Anderson, Benibo, Bhattacharya, Davis, Etheridge, Garrett, Kantangur, Katz, Li, Loveland, McCollough, Mehrubeoglu, Moody, Ocker, Ridley, Rogers, Sefcik

Ex-Officio:  Kay Anderson (for Benson-Landau), Billeaux, Meyer, Smart, Graham

Guests:   Debra Cotinas

1.       Speaker Katz called the meeting to order at 2:03 PM.

2.       Approval of minutes

2.1.    September - copy missing from packet, Katz will email after meeting.

2.2.    October - (Moody moved, Garrett seconded, (15, 0, 0)

3.       Welcome and Introductions

3.1.    Cherie McCollough (replacement for David Moury)

3.2.    Kay Anderson (sub for Benson-Landau staff council)

4.       Speaker's Report

4.1.    Provost Search Update - Katz provided a brief update, search committee task is finished.

4.2.    Texas Council of Faculty Senates, TCFS

4.2.1. Katz shared a summary of what he learned at the TCFS meeting              Political climate - budget concerns              See Notes from EC (Katz will provide copy)                     Encourage participation in decision making at college level.              Low Producing Programs - round 1 report needs to strongly defend low-
          producing programs to keep them.                     From Meyer...working on the report   5 under grad, 4 masters, 3 doctoral grads per year (based on 3 year
    rolling average).   1st year "bye" should be simple but second year they will put pressure
    on institutions to eliminate programs.   We don't have many (2 engineering tech degrees, and occup. training &
    development)   How is program defined? Meyer said it was separate majors with a
    twist. Meyer offered to provide a copy of the TAMUCC "program
    inventory" and productivity information from the coordinating board.
    Significant amounts of data on system Web site.           Formula Funding Change - new proposal allocates 10% of formula funding to
        funding based on completed degrees (with some adjustments for quality of
        incoming students).   Meyer noted that our 6-year graduation rate is better than
        many of our peer institutions including TAUK, UTEP, UTPA, etc.

4.2.2.   Bilaye- noted that most universities experiencing enrollment growth...see numbers.
    Update on Robert Nelsen. Importance of image.              A senator asked if noted enrollment growth is being driven by online programs.

4.3.    Upcoming budget troubles, attitude, communication, outlook. Being heard. Noted how our voice was heard related to teaching excellence award.

4.4.    Online Classes (from previous meeting...discussion at exec.)...commends waiting until new provost and director of dist. edu. are on board in January.  Tatum asked faculty to contact him directly with concerns.

4.5.    Indirect Costs - costs recovered from university for grant.  New committee discussing this issue related to allocation of these costs.  Need to bring TAMUCC policies in line with common practices in other institutions. A senator suggested inviting Dr. Cifuentes to meeting to discuss, Katz agreed.

4.6.    Librarian Contract Language.   Report, thanks.

4.7.    December Meeting?   Nothing pressing - meeting not needed. Meyer noted it wasn't needed.

5.       University Committee reports - postponed

6.       Athletics report to the senate.   Tim Fitzpatrick postponed on January agenda.

7.       Disabilities Course Substitution - codifying existing process.  Review for approval at Jan. meeting.  Contact Katz with issues before meeting.

8.       Committees -

8.1.    Academic Affairs Committee - no

8.2.    ABE Committee - piper award nominee selected and forwarded to provost's office.  Website updates to include award deadlines...continuing to add procedural information for all awards.  Starting permanent file for next committee to use to get started following year.

8.3.    Budget Committee - no

8.4.    Committee on Committees - will be meeting shortly.

8.5.    Faculty Affairs - received emeritus application...reviewing now.  Some questions about eligibility (resigned v. retired same or different).

9.       Provost comments

9.1.    Meyer announced that Cely Smart defended her dissertation last month.


10.  Other issues?

11.  Speaker Katz adjourned the meeting at 2:59 PM (Etheridge moved, Bhattacharya seconded).