Faculty Senate Minutes

March 25, 2011


Attendance: Allred, Anderson, Beltz, Benibo, Bhattacharya, Changchit, Davis, Etheridge, Garrett, Hall, Kantangur, Katz, Li, Loveland, McCollough, Mehrubeoglu, Miller, Moody, Ocker, Picou, Ridley, Sefcik

Ex-Officio: Anderson, Billeaux, Markwood, Meyer, Smart



1.       Speaker Katz called the meeting to order at 2:01 PM.

2.       Approval of the minutes of the February, 18, 2011 meeting was postponed until the next meeting.

3.       Speaker Katz appointed Chuck Etheridge to be the senate parliamentarian.

4.       Welcome and Introductions

4.1.    Markwood (new Provost & VPAA -- made a few remarks about the tenure policy and his overall perspective on shared governance.

5.       Revised Tenure policy -- current policies/processes do not treat faculty equally. For legal reasons, we need to have a uniform process for tenure & promotion. The criteria for each department/college should be different, but the process used to evaluate tenure and promotion applications should be the same.

5.1.    A senator asked for a timeline. Katz noted that any changes must go to the Board by June 1. Senate changes membership at the April meeting...this presents a problem with continuity and the need to meet the June 1 deadline. The policy would apply to Fall 2011 tenure/promotion applications.

6.       Katz noted that Markwood needed to leave at 3:30 PM and asked to move the Tenure Policy Revision discussion up on the agenda so he would be present to answer questions. Senators agreed.

7.       Tenure Policy Revision -- March 2011 draft.

7.1.    Faculty Affairs Committee has met twice to discuss document. Identified issues:

7.1.1. Candidate needs to be informed at every level of the decision.

7.1.2. Appeals process -- committee felt that appeals process was removed. Administration thinks that shifting it to the regular appeal process is sufficient, committee believes it needs to be separate.

7.1.3. Faculty should have the right to add to the package in the case of omissions/factual errors before it moves to the next level.

7.1.4. Believes faculty on review committee should be elected not appointed.

7.1.5. Should be a "be informed" date that was removed from old document

7.1.6. Minor language recommendations.

7.1.7. Grandfathering criteria for faculty who are hired under a previous handbook.

7.2.    Another senator noted language that required developmental review by peers, dean & provost does NOT make it clear that is it non-tenured faculty not "all faculty".

7.3.    A senator asked where the "best practices" came from. Meyer noted that the ideas came from interim provost and deans.

7.4.    Another senator asked about external review. Markwood said it is not required or recommended, the policy just specifies how it would be used if a college wanted to require external review.

7.5.    Katz appointed additional volunteers for the Faculty Affairs Committee: Liz Sefcik (CONHS) and Steve Hall (COB) to assist with tenure policy review until April meeting.

7.5.1. Several senators expressed concerns about putting policy/new policy in place too quickly.

7.5.2. Senators should review policy point by point in order to make a more reasonable policy.

7.5.3. A Senator noted how important it is for the Faculty Senate to identify major issues and make recommendations.

7.5.4.  Another senator noted the need for a good policy because a uniform policy does not always result in a good policy and he was concerned about provost, dean levels rejecting tenure status.

7.6.    Katz asked Faculty Senators to review tenure policy by reading and discussing it especially 3rd party, external policy and appeals procedure.

8.       Faculty Development leave

8.1.    Tabled motion is withdrawn by Michael Moody.

8.2.    Liz Sefcik moved that we endorse the Faculty Development Leave Committee Position Statement (distributed electronically, Moody seconded. Discussion followed.

8.3.    The motion carried unanimously.

9.       Speaker's Report -- TCFS, no new information .

10.   Parking, Parking Fees Report by Jody Nelson - Nelsen was unavailable, will report at April meeting.

11.   Facilities Use Policy (introduced in February)

11.1.Several senators commented about difficulties in scheduling the PAC.

11.2.There was a motion to continue this discussion at the next Faculty Senate Meeting in April. The motion passed.

12.   Academic Dishonesty Policy

12.1.Garrett recommended that the definitions be included as an attachment and not part of the policy itself. David Billeaux said there is already a separate list of definitions and the definitions do need to be included in the policy for better clarification. He also said that he would be willing to meet with the Faculty Affairs Committee and Student Affairs Committees when they meet so there could be a better understanding of the policy. There were questions raised concerning the definition of collusion and plagiarism.


12.2.Garrett recommended that the Faculty Affairs Committee meet with Student Affairs Committee for further discussions.


12.2.1.    Katz asked FAC to meet with Student Affairs to further clarify definitions and examples.


13.   As the time approached 4:00 PM, Etheridge moved that the meeting be extended, Davis seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


14.   Calendar 2013-2014

14.1.Katz mentioned that the schedule for Spring Break was tentative and asked if the senators had any input to let him know now so that he could make changes. There were no changes.


14.2.Moody moved to accept the calendar as presented, Miller seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

15.   Committee Reports

15.1.Academic Affairs Committee -- no report

15.2.ABE Committee -- no report

15.3.Budget Committee -- no report

15.4.Committee on Committees -- no report 

15.5.Faculty Affairs

15.5.1.    Received a recommendation for emeritus status for Dr. Joanne McDonald from Faculty Affairs. Will discuss at April meeting.

16.   Other Issues?

16.1.Etheridge requested that the contract with Barnes & Noble book store on campus be placed on the April Agenda. Katz agreed.

17.   Katz adjourned the meeting at 4:25 PM (Etheridge moved, Sefcik seconded, motion passed unanimously).


Respectfully submitted

Karen A. Loveland, Faculty Senate Secretary

With the assistance of Bonnie Graham and Suzanne Beltz