Faculty Senate Minutes

February 18, 2011


Attendance: Allred, Anderson, Beltz, Benibo, Bhattacharya, Davis, Etheridge, Garrett, Hall, Kantangur, Katz, Li, Loveland, Mehrubeoglu, Moody, Ocker, Picou, Ridley, Rogers, Sefcik

Ex-Officio: Anderson, Billeaux, Graham, Guffy

Guests: Elizabeth Araiza, Lauren Cifuentes, Jennifer Epley, Phyllis Hensley, Denise Hyde, Thomas Kreneck, Laura Martinez, Mark Pfeifer, Bradley Shope, A.N.M Waheeduzzaman

1.       Welcome and Introductions

2.       Approval of minutes --

2.1.1. The minutes of the January 21, 2011 meeting were approved as presented. (Benibo moved, Bhattacharya seconded, passed by voice assent).

3.       Speaker's Report

3.1.    Budget Crisis Advisory Group --

3.1.1. Composition-              Paul Orser /Ted Guffy transitioning to Chris Markwood

3.1.2. Goals -- summer pay strategies

3.1.3. Meeting -- met with Paul Orser to receive additional information about the budget. Katz circulated an email response to this meeting to all faculty.

3.1.4. Situation -- rough

3.1.5. Lingering doubts over percentage of administrative costs. But is this the time to dig into this question?

3.2.    Texas Council of Faculty Senates, TCFS -- Katz & Benibo to attend next weekend.

4.       Librarian Contract Language, at will language -- still an issue, does handbook create a contract that abrogates at-will statues. Inconsistencies between system rules, university rules, and faculty handbook. While language removed from contract, it still keeps coming up in discussion of rules & handbook. Need clarification of what "at will " means.

5.       Student funding cuts -- extra funding when tenure-track & tenured faculty teach, 5% increase in retention....getting students to take additional class. Classroom scheduling...don't put classes of 40 in classrooms of 65 just to get a preferred room.

6.       Use of facilities rule revision -- please review

6.1.    Use Of Facilities Rule Revision

6.2.    Original Rule is replaces (http://faculty-senate.tamucc.edu/attachments/Attachments2011_02/499C1.htm)

7.       University Faculty Development Committee -- Waheedduzzman -- see resolution handout

7.1.    This year, two candidates, not approved by president.

7.2.    Guffy reported that when this decision made, it looked like we would be about $16 million short...now looking like it will be more like $20 million. Two regents clearly opposed to development leave. President concerned with the way it looks to put two faculty on leave when we have a budget shortfall of $20 million.

7.3.    Moody moved to support resolution, Bhattacharya seconded.

7.3.1. Discussion followed

7.3.2. Seifick called the question.

7.4.    Loveland moved to table, Etheridge seconded (16, 2, 0).

8.       Cifuentes -- director of distance education...office of distance education...see handout for contact information.

9.       Brad Shopee -- center for faculty excellence. Watch for pilot programs based on needs assessment. See website for more information.

10.   Senate Committees --

10.1.Academic Affairs Committee -- no report.

10.2.ABE Committee -- university excellence awards were due today. Other award deadlines coming soon. Case professor award is next. See Web site for more information.

10.3.Budget Committee -- budget committee met with Orser last week...will be meeting again next week.

10.4.Committee on Committees -- no report.

10.5.Faculty Affairs -- new recommendation for faculty emeritus status. Recommendation from last time will be delivered to provost on Monday.

11.   Other Non-Senate Committee Reports

11.1.Undergraduate Admissions Committee- We need to have a representative for this on senate....COC should address this summer.

12.   Provost comments --

12.1.Budget office (Nelson , Funk-Baxter) have compiled all budget cutting information. Working on shifting funding sources, managing student fees, have developed plan to save as many positions as possible. Recent adjustments save all faculty and adjunct lines.

12.2.Budget reduction FAQ on TAMUCC home page with opportunities to make input and receive response quickly.

12.3.There will be some staff cuts.

12.4.Most people believe they will use rainy day fund to cover shortfall in K-12 education. Sales tax revenues increasing may provide additional funds. Guffy noted that we are anticipating some extra money becoming available at some point...he expects it to be used to provide assistance to students (e.g., grants).

13.   Benibo moved to suspend rules & extend meeting, Etheridge seconded (passed by voice assent).

14.   The meeting was adjourned at 4:07 PM (Loveland moved, Allred seconded)


Respectfully Submitted

Karen A. Loveland, Faculty Senate Secretary