Faculty Senate Retreat Minutes
August 20, 2010

Attendance: Allred, Anderson, Benibo, Changchit, Davis, Etheridge, Garrett, Kantangur, Katz, Li, Loveland, Mehrubeoglu, Moody, Ocker, Picou, Ridley, Rogers, Sefcik

1.       Speaker Katz called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.

2.       Speaker Katz opened the meeting by discussing timely reporting obligations and outlining the business to be completed during the retreat. Issues noted during this discussion included:

2.1.    Ballot confusion

2.2.    Changes to formula funding

2.3.    Problem with students taking maymester classes before being notified of probation/suspensions from previous term. The problem is complicated by financial aid being lost and the student being expected to pay for class. Katz asked faculty to investigate extent of the problem in their area.

2.3.1. A discussion of Scholastic standing in general followed.

2.4.    Parking

2.5.    Digital Measures --

2.5.1. Format of reports generated for vitas and activity reports doesn't work for many departments.

2.5.2. Student evaluation questions bad and need work. Benibo will follow up with Orser.

2.6.    Changes in benefits

2.7.    Delmar dual admission agreement -- on September agenda.

3.       Assignment of committees and selection of committee chairs -- See attached

4.       Identification of Issues for 2010-2011

4.1.    Senators identified approximately two dozen individual issues for the senate to monitor or investigate this year. After further discussion, the issues were combined into eight broad categories of issues as follows:

4.1.1. Parking (4)

4.1.2. Faculty compensation (18)              Pay schedule              Equity              Peer group              Workload issues

4.1.3. Delmar agreement (2)

4.1.4. Blackboard/Educational Technology Issues (17)              Training              Resources              Online Class Sizes              Policies              Online student evaluations              Workload

4.1.5. Library -- Institutional repository (6)

4.1.6. Policy Issues (15)              P&T timeline              After the fact involvement              Calendar issues                     Sync with others                     Extra week              Add/drop deadlines/policies              Classroom utilization & scheduling

4.1.7. Admin relations (18)              H B 2504                     Compliance                     Faculty privacy              Admin evals              Digital measures                     Course evals                     Format of reports              Records retention/destruction              Faculty privacy

4.1.8. Follow up (issues from previous year)              Retiree benefits              Dependent tuition benefits              Implementation of WebCT task force plans              squeaky wheel strategies              bylaws changes (speaker)              legislative/public relations              lecture series              media expert/guide

4.2.    After determining that the "Follow Up" issues would be followed up on by the speaker, Senators voted on the remaining seven issues to determine priorities. The results of the voting appear in parentheses above.

4.3.    The Executive Committee will assign these issues to standing committees at the first meeting.

4.4.    Speaker Katz adjourned the meeting at 1:45 PM.



Respectfully Submitted

Karen A. Loveland, Ph.D.

Faculty Senate Secretary