Faculty Senate Minutes
January 22, 2010

Attendance: Anderson, Bantell, Benibo, Bhattacharya, Changchit, Davis, Etheridge, Garrett, Hall, Katangur, Katz, Keys, Loveland, Lucero, Mahdy, Mehrubeoglu, Moody, Moury, Paciotti, Pfeifer, Sefcik

Ex Officio: Babbili, Billeaux, Smart

Guests: Joseph Doan, Denise Hyde, Victoriano Casas III, Ron Brown

1. Speaker Lucero called the meeting to order at 2:03 PM.

2. Minutes of the November 20, 2009 Senate meeting were approved as corrected (Katz moved to accept, Moury seconded).

3. Speaker’s Report

3.1. Provost’s Council

3.1.1. SACS review was favorable. We still have some issues to address. A report to address concerns will go to SACS soon. We will have a full report at the next meeting.
3.1.2. Digital Measures should have been discussed at college faculty meetings last week.

3.2. T & P Timeline (attachment)

3.2.1. Babbili requested a vote to endorse the new timeline.
3.2.2. Lucero noted that faculty had expressed concerns related to the lack of a specific timeline and that this new policy was an improvement. A senator noted that some faculty have expressed concern and confusion about the “external letters” notation. Babbili noted that the individual college policies would govern whether or not external reviews or letters are required. Another senator expressed concerns that the external review are due after the final packet and that this seems inconsistent with the policy prohibiting additions to the packet after it is submitted. Cely Smart noted that some external reviewers in some colleges need to have the packet complete to perform an external review. Lucero suggested adding the word “review” after external to clarify that the timeline is referring to external reviews not to external letters of reference that should be included in the packet. Lucero noted that this timeline is not yet policy. It will serve as a guideline until new policy can be written and implemented. Thus, we can vote on endorsing this issue today. Mahdy moved to endorse, Benibo seconded. The motion passed (19/1/0)

3.3. Task Force Reports

3.3.1. Course Distribution (attachment) Lucero reiterated the issues Orser reported at the last meeting. Changes included the following policies regarding regular, undergraduate, “lecture-type” classes: Adding a new 1:00 class to the MWF schedule to remove classroom schedule conflicts. 10% of the classes in each college must begin before 9:30 AM. 20% of the classes in each college need to be scheduled on MWF. Several senators expressed support for the proposal. One noted a problem his son had scheduling classes. Others noted issues with parking and class scheduling conflicts. Etheridge moved to endorse the proposal, Hall seconded. The motion passes (20, 0, 0).

3.3.2. Summer School (attachment) – Lucero requested comments on the strategies proposed by the task force. A senator asked if the CCISD calendar problem that motivated this problem will occur in the future. Billeaux noted that it was an ongoing problem that we will continue to address. A senator asked if the university was seeking new sources of new funding to support faculty salaries for additional offerings and summer scholarships for students. Lucero and Babbili noted that the task force had discussed the issue and that Billeaux was continuing to investigate options. Another senator asked about recruiting efforts to encourage local-area students to start in the summer (e.g., via bridge program). Benibo moved to endorse, Moury seconded. The motion was approved (19, 0, 1).

3.3.3. Distance Education (attachment plus handout at meeting) Guests Joseph Doan and Denise Hyde A senator asked if the committee had addressed changes in policies, especially those related to faculty evaluation. Doan and Lucero noted that the task force couldn’t cover every issue in the short time frame and that that the report did recommend a committee to develop policies and procedures to cover distance education. Another senator expressed concern that a College of Education representative wasn’t on the task force. Another senator suggested that we also needed to consider students’ needs, learning styles, training and more. Moury moved to endorse the report, Bantell seconded. The motion passed (20, 0, 0).

4. Changes in FRC – Denise Hyde and Joseph Doan (3 attachments)

4.1. Billeaux provided background by explaining that he had been asked to review the FRC to make it more focused in its mission and goals and to conform better to resources allocated to it. In addition, he was asked to rename the FRC to better reflect its purpose and mission.
4.2. Hyde reported that the group proposed the name “Center for Faculty Excellence” (CFE). Attachments replace the original, lengthy document that founded the FRC with streamlined policies and procedures that focus specifically on teaching and learning. The proposed CFE will not completely eliminate the current FRC support for research and service but teaching and learning will be the primary focus.
4.3. The proposal includes the development of a new committee that includes senate and other representatives to work toward the goals of the new CFE and look for opportunities to collaborate with other groups on campus involved in teaching and learning development.
4.4. Hyde asked senators to take this proposal back to their colleges and solicit feedback.

4.4.1. Moury noted that the Committee on Committees had been assigned the task of being the point of contact for senate comments.

4.5. Hyde noted that we would be required to vote on the changes to the committee and to endorse the name change. We will vote on these issues at the next meeting.

5. S & T Course needs approval (attachment)

5.1. Guest Jennifer Smith Engle (associate dean for S&T).
5.2. Engle noted that course review and additions take place once a year and that a course in Physics needs to be approved out of cycle in order to offer it this semester.
5.3. Ahmed moved to approve, Bantell seconded. The motion was approved (20, 0 , 0).

6. Retiree Benefits Proposal (attachment)

6.1. Etheridge noted that this proposal came out of a subcommittee formed to investigate retiree benefits. The subcommittee worked with the Staff Council to contact the various departments for information about services provided to current faculty and staff and how these benefits might be extended to retirees.
6.2. Two issues in the proposal are beyond our control: (1) state law doesn’t allow the university to pay for continuing email benefits for retirees, and (2) contracts with vendors for university databases don’t allow off-campus addresses for retirees and negotiating such access may increase fees (again, the state will not pay such costs).
6.3. Etheridge moved to endorse the proposal, Davis seconded. The motion passed (19, 0, 1).

7. Committees

7.1. Academic Affairs Committee – Nikki Changchit & Elizabeth Sefcik

7.1.1. Changchit reported that the committee is working on its survey this week.

7.2. ABE Committee – Bilaye Benibo

7.2.1. By-laws Amendment (attachment)
7.2.2. Benibo noted that this is a second reading of the changes. The changes add a representative from the staff council, assistant and vice provosts, and the assistant to the provost to be ex-officio, non-voting members of the senate,
7.2.3. Benibo moved to accept the amendment to the policy, Moury seconded. The motion passed (20, 0, 0).

7.3. Budget Committee- Michael Moody

7.3.1. Dependent Children Scholarships (attachment) Open for comments. Send comments and recommendations for changes to Moody. We will vote on this proposal at the next meeting.

7.3.2. The budget committee told senators to expect a “blue letter” from the governor in their mailboxes soon related to budget concerns.

7.4. Committee on Committees – David Moury (reporting for Nancy Rogers)

7.4.1. Moury asked about remote access…Mahdy confirmed that the issues have been resolves.
7.4.2. Need a senate volunteer enrollment management council and on university committee on committees. Please email Nancy Rogers if you ware willing to serve.

7.5. Faculty Affairs Committee – Mark Pfeifer (second reading of all).

7.5.1. Externally Funded Grants and Contracts “Supplemental Pay” (attachment) Faculty Affairs committee recommends approval, Moury seconded. A senator recommended eliminating the “Dean of Graduate Studies” in section 3.3. Accepted as a friendly amendment. Motion passed (20,0,0).

7.5.2. Web Development Procedures (attachment) Suggested addition of the word “by” in section 7.4. Pfeifer moved to approve, Mahdy seconded. Motion to approve (20, 0, 0)

7.5.3. Study Abroad Scholarship Change (attachment) Pfeifer moved to approve, Davis seconded. (19,0,1)

7.5.4. Turnitin.com Recommendations (attachment) Pfeifer moved to approve recommendations, Bhattacharya seconded. (20, 0, 0)

7.5.5. FYI on system policies changes to ORP.

8. Other issues

8.1. Provost Babbili reported that he met with the BOR yesterday.

8.1.1. The president will address budget-related issues at the tuition hearing on Monday. He noted that the president will address issues related to the governor’s rescission.
8.1.2. We now have a new dean of Liberal Arts approved at BOR meeting.
8.1.3. Emeritus status for David Meade approved by BOR.

9. Instructional efficiencies committee is looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing educational quality. Also looking for new sources or revenue. Preliminary report at the March meeting.

9.1. Paul Meyer has replaced Robert Nelsen. He will be assuming his duties sometime during the next month.
9.2. Billeaux noted that faculty evaluations will be online in the fall.

10. Motion to extend and adjourn after presentation. (Moody moved, Katz seconded).
11. Information Security Initiatives – Ron Brown
12. The meeting was adjourned at 4:25 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Karen A. Loveland
Faculty Senate Secretary