Faculty Senate Retreat Minutes

August 21, 2009  

Attendance: Shane Anderson, Mary Bantell, Bilaye Benibo, Kakali Bhattacharya, Niki Changchit, Kristen Davis, Chuck Etheridge, Sherrye Garrett, Ajay Katangur, Louis Katz, Yolanda Keys, Karen Loveland, Margaret Lucero, Ahmed Mahdy, Ruby Mehrubeoglu, Michael Moody, David Moury, Karen Paciotti, Mark Pfeifer, Nancy Rogers, Elizabeth Sefcik  

Ex Officio: Christine Silliman  

I            9:28 AM meeting called to order  

II          Retreat overview and agenda

III         Introductions  

IV        Issues and actions from the 2008-2009 year  

V         New processes and procedures

1. Have been working closely on security and WebCT issues.

2. New version of WebCT to be available Fall 2010.

VI Committees and issues for 2009-2010

1.    Changes in incoming students -- we had the largest freshman class ever last year. We know that GPA is the strongest predictor of whether a student returns after first year. We admitted 21% from the bottom half of the hs graduating class...and 30% of new admits ended up on probation last year. We may need to investigate.

2.    Changes in the position and duties for Chancellor and president of TAMU college station. We need to keep an eye on what is happening with these positions.

3.    Change in Coordinating Board policies related to new program development. Proposals will be opened to comment from other schools.

1.    Quality and type of incoming students

2.    Admission requirements for incoming students

3.    Upward communication & advocacy for faculty to system & legislature

4.    Raises for promotion not adequate. $3K/$5 not adequate...perhaps a % increase.

5.    Campus safety -- parking lots/streets (promises not kept)

6.    Pay equity (assoc below state avgs.)

7.    Salary data collection & organization.

8.    Compensation for independent study, dissertation, extra work

9.    Meaningful support for international students (academic, communication skills, social support, etc..)

10. Technology access and faculty development for technology.

11. Communication...in general...admin to faculty -- more transparency

12. Faculty senate communication

13. Incoming ESLI students -- quality

14. Closing circle on evaluation of administrators, policies & procedures, disseminate info to faculty.

15. Curriculum changes by administration without faculty input justified by SACS

16. Academic honesty/academic freedom...turnitin issue

17. Scope of undergrad & grad advisory committee

18. Support for research for faculty and students

19. Lack of tuition assistance for family of faculty & staff

20. Calendar...lack of campus wide input

21. Tuition waivers for graduate students & grad assistant pay

22. WebCT upgrade

23. Remote access to office machines

24. Broader access to campus resources from off campus.

25. Library services  

VII       Listing of issues for 2009-2010 -- see above  

VIII     Break for lunch  

IX       Identification of major themes in the issues

X       Voting on the issues

XI        Discussion of issues -- Benibo moved to combine technology category w/ infrastructure & research support category, Davis seconds. Vote 14 for, 6 against, 1 abs.  

XII       Meeting wrap-up

1.    Tentative meeting Sep. 8 (Tuesday). Will assign topics to committee at that meeting.

2.    Committee chairs please schedule meeting with committee ASAP after Sep. 8 meeting.

1.    Provost understands that he (they) can be excused from meeting at any time.

2.    If there is a sensitive/contentious issue, we can use secret ballots. Christine comes prepared to conduct paper ballot voting. Any senator can request paper ballots.

3.    We can close the meetings when necessary.

4.    A senator suggested that if a faculty member sees an item on the agenda that they believe would be better discussed privately to let the speaker know.

5.    A senator suggested we have a faculty listserv. One option is to have an open listserv that allows anyone to post anything. Another option is to have one limited to faculty senate. Discussion followed.

6. Meeting adjourned