Faculty Senate Minutes

April 23, 2010


Attendance:  Anderson, Bantell, Benibo, Bhattacharya, Changchit, Davis, Etheridge, Garrett, Hall, Katangur, Katz, Keys, Loveland, Lucero, Mahdy, Mehrubeoglu, Moody, Moury, Paciotti, Pfeifer, Rogers, Sefcik


Ex Officio:  Benson-Landau, Billeaux, Graham, Meyer, Smart


Guests: Terry Tatum, Chief Alan Gutierrez


1.     Speaker Lucero called the meeting to order at 2:03 PM.


2.     The minutes of the March 26, 2010 Senate meeting were approved as corrected. (Etheridge moved to accept, Bantell seconded the motion).


3.     Welcome and introductions -- Speaker Lucero introduced Yvonne "Bonnie" Graham -- new Senate administrative assistant.


4.     Speaker's Report

4.1.  Provost's Council -- resignation of Provost and VPAA Babbili was the main new issue.  The Council also discussed revisions to the QEP and implementation.

4.2.  Staff Advisory Council (SAC) meeting -- Lucero attended the last SAC meeting.  They have asked that we appoint a senator to serve an ex-officio role on SAC.  Next year's EC will need to select a representative.   Lucero asked Benson-Landau to share some highlights from the last SAC meeting.

4.2.1.     The SAC Faculty/Staff Barbeque had about 675 attendees over spring break.

4.2.2.     The Chancellor's office is setting up a system-wide staff council meeting to share information and ideas.

4.2.3.     Employee excellence survey results were presented at the SAC meeting.  Pay remains a negative and response rate was low.  Staff council plans to talk to individual departments to improve future survey response.  Lucero asked Landau to forward a copy of the results to her for distribution.


5.     Information Technology Issues -- Terry Tatum

5.1.  Lucero introduced Terry Tatum, new VP for Information Technology.  Tatum briefly described his open door philosophy and his view that his role is to provide support for instruction.  He also noted that one of his immediate goals is to improve communication about IT issues on campus. 

5.1.1.     Tatum mentioned security issues as an on-going concern.  He noted that security worked against convenience/service and that it is important to find a balance between the two.  He stated that he planned to look for software solutions that donít add to the burden for users. 

5.1.2.     Another major issue he identified is the need for more Blackboard training.  In addition to the technology, he also noted that pedagogy was an issue.  Tatum is working to expedite Joseph Doan's access to technology and training labs following his move.

5.1.3.     IT audit coming in June, will take a tremendous amount of his time and attention, and may involve college-level IT personnel and additional security measures.

5.1.4.     Several senators expressed concern about the availability and timing of Blackboard training. Another senator asked about the possibility of extending WebCT to Spring 2011 to give faculty more time to prepare.  The discussion of concerns related to Blackboard continued for several minutes. 


6.     Parking -- Chief Alan Gutierrez

6.1.  Briefly reviewed the parking situation on campus and noted that we need a parking garage to handle any future growth.  He noted that the current plan involves building a garage on the current Jellyfish parking lot next to the UC. Numerous questions and issues related to parking and transportation followed.  


7.     Committees

7.1.  Academic Affairs Committee -- Nikki Changchit & Elizabeth Sefcik

7.1.1.     Survey results (attachment) -- committee asked to investigate quality of incoming students.  They obtained 10 years worth of data on GPA and SAT score.  Trend is positive (see report for more information). 

7.1.2.     Surveyed students in five colleges.  888 students responded.  See the report for summary.         Conclusion: Would like to see trend toward better students start to improve, and implementation of some survey suggestions in class to help students learn.              Seifert suggested sharing report with the CFE and students.  Meyer asked for permission to share it with administration. Another senator suggested that the QEP committee needs this information.

7.2.  ABE Committee -- Bilaye Benibo

7.2.1.     Awards up-date -- One more award , Regent's Award deadline April 30 -- last award for the semester. 

7.3.  Budget Committee- Michael Moody -- see summary from email.  Moody noted that the next three years may be "painful".  He thinks the senate needs to decide what the budget committee needs to do on an annual basis to keep faculty informed about budget considerations and assure our interests are incorporated in budget decisions.

7.4.  Committee on Committees -- Nancy Rogers

7.4.1.     Reports (attachments)

7.4.2.     Interest survey closed Tuesday, committee assignments will be made next week.

7.4.3.     Proposed changes to Academic Standards Grievance Committee and related Procedures (attachments) -- requested feedback.  Margaret reviewed impetus for these changes (removing AA committee members from pool requirements to reduce burden on members).         Rogers moved that we forward recommended revised procedures to the President, Sefcik seconded the motion.  The motion passed (18 for, 0 against, 1 abstention).

7.4.4.     David Moury reported on charge related to technical writing assistance for faculty and graduate students. 

7.5.  Faculty Affairs Committee -- Mark Pfeifer

7.5.1.     Report -- see attachment from minutes.


8.     Provost comments

8.1.  Thank you to Speaker Lucero for her service and presentation of a plaque.


9.     Other issues?

9.1.  Moody noted that the electronic scanning of graduate students' papers was "accidentally" slipped into Graduate Catalog but has now been removed.


10.  Farewell to departing Senators -- Lucero handed out certificates to senators completing first or second term. 


11.  Break


12.  Reconvene with new Senators


12.1.               Speaker Election -- Katz nominated by Rogers.  Etheridge moved to close nominations and accept Katz by acclimation, Loveland seconds.  The motion passed.

12.2.               Deputy Speaker Election -- Bhaakakali nominated Benibo, Loveland seconds.  Hall moved to close nominations and accept Benibo by acclimation, Moody seconded.  The motion passed.

12.3.               Secretary: Etheridge nominated Loveland and moved nominations close and accept by acclimation, Moody seconded. The motion passed.

12.4.               Katz noted that he has identified several issues for next year's Senate to address:

12.4.1.  Parking is the major issue -- wants to understand revenue projections and feels that transparency is lacking.      Keys noted that she felt input wasn't solicited.  Hall noted that as a member of the committee, he felt that the decisions had already been made before their input was solicited.

12.4.2.  Katz noted that he will email additional information to senators before the end of the spring term.

12.5.               Retreat is August 20 to determine agenda for next year.

12.6.               New faculty orientation scheduled for Aug. 19th

12.7.               Please stop by and introduce yourself to Bonnie (extension -- 5837).

12.8.               Katz briefly reviewed committees and noted that we would elect chairs for each committee and begin assigning issues at the retreat. More discussion about parking issue/transparency/communication/input into decision making followed.

12.9.               Katz offered to approach the administration to discuss concerns related to parking, transparency and faculty input into important decisions, and use of Blackboard..  Moury moved to charge Katz with this task, Keys seconded.  The motion passed (18 for, 0 against, 0 abstentions).

12.10.            Speaker Katz adjourned the meeting at 4:56 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Karen A. Loveland

Faculty Senate Secretary