Faculty Senate Meeting


Friday, April 28, 2006





Present: Bickley, Buck, Causgrove, Cook, Dawkins, Friday, Fugate, Garcia, Hartlaub, Ivy, Kirby, Layman, Melrose, Oliver, Pohan, Talley, Thomas, Waheeduzzaman, Yellen.


Absent: Carroll, Hill, Willman, Wingfield.


Guests: Bantell, Elwood, Johnson, King, Lewis, Lucero, Murray, Reuter (new Senators); Bunny Forgione, Richard Guilotti, Bob Maroney, Frank Petzold, Liz Sefcik, Charlene Tintera, and George Tintera.


I.                   Call to Order & Approval of the Minutes of the March 24 meeting

The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m. It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes from the March 24 meeting. The minutes were approved as written.


Ivy noted that she was suspending the Bylaws because of a special occurrence. Because Senate Bylaws does not provide for a proxy vote, and Melrose must leave the meeting prior to a vote on the Clinical Status document, Ivy requests to be able to cast Melrose's vote for him when the vote is called. It was moved and seconded to approve this process. The motion passed.


II.                Committee Reports


A. Academic Affairs Committee - Waheed

Waheed explained that the Year-end report was attached to the agenda for Senators' review. All parts of the catalog were approved by Senate. It is now possible to put the catalog copy on the web, for Senators and others to review during the approval process. The errors the Committee found were inconsistencies, incorrect number or sums of credit hours, grammatical errors. The Committee will recommend that the Deans appoint someone or a committee to carefully review the catalog copy prior to its submission to Senate for approval.


Ivy introduced the guests present at the meeting.


B. Awards/Bylaws/Elections Committee -- Buck

1. Awards update -- Buck noted that the award for Regents professor has been chosen, but the announcement has not yet been made.

2. Election update --Buck also noted that the General Election for Faculty Senate was accomplished, and the new Senators are attending this meeting.

3. Year-end report -- Buck noted that the Bylaws currently have a loophole regarding the Speaker's term. With our current Bylaws, the Speaker has no term limits. The Committee may want to address this next year. He recommends that the Committee look into an award for Librarians, as there is no current University award for Librarians. He noted that the College of Nursing and Health Sciences did not submit any nominations and that perhaps colleagues from the College of Science and Technology might be able to nominate for Nursing. He also noted that the Committee needs to track web pages for the various awards, as they can be updated with a very short submission time.

3. Action Item: Bylaws change on Speaker eligibility - Buck presented 2 alternatives for electing the Speaker. One provided for the Speaker to have previously served in Senate prior to being elected Speaker, the other provided for the Speaker to have previously served as Senator within the past 4 years. The Committee made a motion to vote for either alternative, and the motion was seconded. A request for pros and cons of the two alternatives was made. For option 2, a negative consequence might be a loss of continuity, but Buck named 3 or 4 former Senators or Speakers who would be able to serve as Speaker without having served the previous year. For option 1, a negative consequence might be that there is no way to impose term limits for a Speaker who kept being elected Speaker. Option 2 will provide a term limit in effect, as one must have been elected Senator previously. Ivy called the question and Option 1 received 7 votes, and Option 2 received 10 votes, with no abstentions. Option 2 carried and will be written into the Bylaws.


Layman asked to discuss an issue with awards and Nursing. If visiting faculty become clinical faculty, and they are not eligible for University awards, there will not be a diverse number of faculty left who are eligible for the awards.


C. Budget Committee -- Friday

Friday explained that it was difficult to compare faculty salaries from institution to institution, so he encouraged faculty to check their area to see how their salary figures might compare with other faculty teaching the same subjects. He also mentioned that our list of aspirant institutions might need to be revised.


Faculty salaries are still below where we need them to be, and there have been improvements, and over time they should continue to improve.


Friday noted that on page 19 of the attachments, the actual 2005 budget for athletics was over $4 million, and the budgeted amount for 2006 was $4.67 million, however the transfers from BAT designated tuition was $700,000 last year, but for 2006, is budgeted only for a $50,000 transfer from tuition funds. In the future, athletics will be funded more from designated student fees rather than tuition. With our entrance into the Southland conference, we will have less travel costs, but higher costs for officiating. A study to implement a football program will be undertaken. Estimates for starting up a football program are around $7 million, with $3.5 million yearly operating costs. Ivy encouraged Senators to weigh in on expanding the athletic program, it will possibly double the existing athletic budget.


The Camden contract for University housing provides most of the money to Camden , with the University only getting 6-8% percent of their net. There isn't much we can do about the contract, they get first rights to build any housing on campus, and it is in effect for 34 more years.


On p. 21, Friday addressed salary growth. There is a 3% pool available for adjustment and merit. He noted a lot of growth in administrative positions, with double the number of Vice-Presidents. There is $1 million in the budget for new faculty positions, on p. 24.


Ivy thanked the Budget Committee for their work this year. Layman added that this is the second year the Budget information came at the last Senate meeting of the year. It is important information and deserves more time and discussion than we are able to give it presently. She encouraged Senators to put a member of each College on the Committee so they can take the information back to their College.


Although Senate received a copy of the Budget on CD, Friday did not receive the necessary information until recently. A question was raised if salary figures could be found when they are broken into 14 different categories. Friday uses the percent allocation to determine the total amount. Ivy reported that Killebrew will be addressing this problem, as the budget is not transparent or easy to work with. A discussion ensued regarding merit increases as a percent of total salaries. Garcia recognized the work of Friday and Zebda, who chaired the Committee last year. They did an excellent job of bringing forward issues such as academic funds going to the athletic program.


D. Committee on Committees -- Ivy

1. Update on Evaluation Cycle for Administrators -- Ivy reported that Killebrew is open to reviewing the evaluation cycle for administrators. He is also familiar with the process for evaluating the President, as it was done at WTAMU. Hartlaub researched the percentage of faculty in each college that participated in evaluating the dean. Sixty-nine percent of the faculty in A&H participated in the dean's evaluation, 90% of Business faculty, 79% of faculty in the College of Education evaluated the Dean, and in the College of Nursing , 83% of faculty participated. The new dean of Science and Technology has not been evaluated. All evaluations were done online, and comments were possible. Ivy requested Senate to revisit the cycle of evaluation for Deans, Provost, and Vice-Presidents, and the President. This may be a Faculty Affairs issue, and she has information she will share with that Committee if they address this issue.


2. Update on University committee assignments -- Ivy worked with the Deans to revise the list of committee appointments. It may still be changed, but it is now in the Provost's office. The Provost's office will notify everyone individually of their committee assignments. They need to be individually emailed so people are aware of their assignments. There are also pools of faculty members who may be called upon to serve on grievance or grade appeal committees.


3. Year-end Report - The Committee is making a recommendation to change the Committee Interest Survey, so that when people check their interest in a committee, they indicate if they are currently serving on that committee. A question was asked about the issue of committee appointments. Waheed suggested that a spreadsheet be created with faculty members by college, and committees listed, so that it can be seen at a glance who serves, or who will be rotating off. Kirby noted that it would be appropriate for Senate to create and maintain this spreadsheet. Ivy noted that not all committees are elected, or the membership selection does not go through Senate. There is one document listing all Councils and Committees which is given to faculty at the faculty meeting in the fall.


The second recommendation is to revisit the smoking on campus issue. The students may be the best group to carry this forward, however, if Senate is interested in this issue, Ivy has the information that has been gathered so far


E. Faculty Affairs -- Garcia

1. Year-end Report -- Garcia recommends the Committee follow-up on the complaint procedure for faculty which the Senate passed in the fall. The disposition of that document is not known. Kirby said he would ask Winston where this document is in the process. The Committee recommends that the Senate carefully follow the Promotion and Tenure document recently passed by the Senate. Garcia thanked the members of the Committee for their service. Layman commended Garcia for both his objectivity and his vigorous defense of faculty and issues important to faculty.


F. Executive Committee -- Ivy

1. Discussion/Action Item: Non-Tenure Accruing Clinical Faculty-- After the previous draft was voted down, Ivy was invited to the Deans' Council to explain faculty's objections to the policy. The revised policy was just sent to Senate for inclusion in this meeting's agenda. It was moved by Cook (Nursing) to accept the revised policy, and seconded by Oliver (Education). In discussion, Layman spoke in favor of the policy, Pohan noted an error in the title, in keeping "non-tenure accruing", when we do not speak of faculty positions as "tenure-track" in every instance. Layman pointed out that ranks are specified, and the College of Nursing approves of this policy. Ivy questioned the language regarding initial appointment. Oliver spoke in support of this policy. Cook said she was happy with the way it is phrased, allowing Colleges to be more specific as needed. The question was called. The motion passed with one abstention.


2. Action Item: Granting Extension of Tenure Probationary Period-- It was moved and seconded to approve the policy on the extension of tenure probationary period. The motion was approved without discussion.


3. Proposal: Exec to examine series of New Faculty Orientation sessions -- Ivy explained that the Executive Committee should examine Senate's role in presenting the expanded New Faculty Orientation series. It was moved and seconded to approve this proposal. The motion passed.


III.             Special Discussion/Action Item: Curricular Revision in Nursing -- Layman

In order to keep up with advanced nursing students, the Clinical Nurse Specialist curriculum needs to change. The students need to meet more requirements to sit for the National and State Boards. CONHS has revised the courses and approved the changes, which has also been sent to the Graduate Council for approval. They added 2 courses and increased credit hours for courses. They deleted one class, although the concepts will be taught in other classes. Layman answered questions about the specifics of the certification requirements, and the question was called. It was moved and seconded to approve this change, the motion passed.


IV.              Interim Provost's Report -- Kirby

Kirby noted that this may be his last Senate meeting, as well as the last for departing Senators. He was impressed by the Senate and enjoyed working with Ivy and with Winston. He was asked what the President will talk about during his University meeting scheduled for May 3. Kirby noted that it will be similar to a "State of the University" address, wrapping up the year and noting the challenges still ahead. He will talk about the Tuition Revenue Bond (TRB) issue and the legislative session.


V.                Speaker's Report -- Ivy


A.     Updates: Orientation for new Senators; 3D-1 master planning sessions; Provost's search -- Ivy oriented the new Senators to their role before today's meeting. Regarding the Provost's search, Ivy noted that our first two candidates for on-campus interviews were quite different. There were 14 Senators at the session for Dr. Pood, and an unnamed number of Senators met with Dr. Felix. Ivy requested that any feedback be sent to her. She noted that 2 additional candidates will be here for interviews, and requested that Senators attend any of the sessions and contribute their feedback. The Search Committee meets after each candidate's visit. They have already checked some references, and will do more. President Killebrew may authorize site visits to the universities of the top two candidates.


B.     Year-end Financial Report -- Ivy noted that the Senate's account rolls over each year and does not need to be spent down by the end of the fiscal year. We are fiscally healthy, but the Budget Committee might want to examine Senate funds and how they are expended.


C.     Change in Academic Honesty catalog copy -- After the Academic Affairs Committee looked at this issue, recommending that issues concerning academic honesty be dealt with in Academic Affairs, the System legal experts decided that students were provided more due process with the appeal process occurring in Student Affairs. Ivy agreed to that recommendation for Senate. Cook spoke of the necessity of filing reports of academic dishonesty. Most faculty aren't aware of this requirement to send these reports to the College Deans, who forwards the report to Student Affairs. Oliver recommends Senate revisit this issue next year.


D.    Speaker's action on revised Final Exams and Study Week procedure -- This policy governs what happens when a student has 3 final exams scheduled in one day. Senate passed a revised policy and it went to Student Affairs, who made minor changes. Ivy approved this for Senate at the Provost's Council. Friday noted that students may be confused about the time frame for requesting a final be moved. Talley, who is Senate's representative on the Calendar Committee, explained that it is the Friday of the 11th week, and finals occur during the 16th week, which gives faculty enough time to create an alternate exam if necessary.


E.     Summer & Fall Meeting Date Suggestions -- The incoming Speaker will determine if Senate holds a Summer Retreat. It is ordinarily held on the Friday between the summer sessions, or on the first Friday of the 2nd Summer Session. Ivy also noted Senate meeting dates for next fall, following the established pattern. The Senate may change these dates, if they wish. However, Bay Hall Room 126 has been reserved for all dates. The Senate could not get the same room in the University Center for its meetings next year.


F.     Representative on Calendar Committee & Graduate Council -- Yellen is rotating off the Graduate Council this year. Ivy asked if anyone else was serving on the Graduate Council. Talley said she would be Senate's representative on the Graduate Council and the Calendar Committee next year.


G.    Appreciation of Officers, Committee Chairs, & Administrative Assistant -- Ivy presented tokens of appreciation to the officers, chairs and administrative assistant, who assisted her with Senate duties this year.


VI.             Other Business


Buck made a motion to extend the meeting.


A.     Retirement and Recognition of outgoing Senators -- Bickley presented to Ivy a plaque with a gavel recognizing her many contributions to the success of the Senate during her 2 terms as Senate Speaker. Many Senators spoke of Ivy's contribution and excellent management of Senate as Speaker. Ivy presented certificates to all Senators who completed their terms this year. Outgoing Senators who are not returning to Senate left the meeting.


B.     Official Seating of incoming Senators -- New Senators took their places at the table, and received a roster of Senators for next year.


C.     Election of officers for 2006-2007 -- Bickley presided over the election of officers. A nomination for Speaker had been received: Mark Hartlaub. No nominations were received from the floor. Hartlaub was voted by acclamation to serve as Senate Speaker. A nomination for Deputy Speaker had been received: Linda Cook. Cook was voted by acclamation to serve as Deputy Speaker. No nominations had been received for Secretary. Cook nominated Bickley for Secretary. Bickley was voted by acclamation to serve as Secretary.


D.    Committee Assignments for 2006-2007 -- The Senate self-selected Committees to serve on for next year. Next year's Committee roster is as follows:

Awards/Bylaws/Elections Committee: Bickley (LIB), Chair; Hartlaub (A&H); King (S&T); Pohan (Ed); Wingfield (COB).

Academic Affairs Committee: Causgrove (S&T), Chair; Cook (CONHS); Fugate (COB); Oliver (Ed); Talley (A&H).

Budget Analysis Committee: Waheeduzzaman (COB), Chair; Bantell (CONHS); Buck (S&T); Elwood (Ed); Reuter (A&H).

Committee on Committees: Thomas (S&T), Chair; Johnson (Ed); Murray (CONHS); Willman (LIB).

Faculty Affairs: Yellen (COHNS), Chair; Lewis (A&H); Lucero (COB); Oliver (Ed).


Hartlaub took nominations at large members of the Executive Committee. There can be as few as 6, and as many as 8 members of the Executive Committee. The 3 officers serve as members. Pohan, Oliver, Waheed, Causgrove, Yellen & Thomas were nominated to serve on the Executive Committee. It was moved and seconded to elect these Senators as members of the Executive Committee. The motion passed.


Hartlaub spoke of his desire to represent the faculty and learn about the various colleges. His goal is for the Senate to speak with one voice for the faculty.


VII.           Announcements/Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.





Respectfully submitted by Sally Bickley, Secretary