January 21, 2005


University Center Tejas room 106A


Present: Alnor, Bickley, Buck, Canales, Causgrove, Cook, Garcia, Harper, Hill, Ivy, Layman, Ledbetter, Purdy, Shepperd, Sutton, Waheed, Winston, Wooster, Yellen


Absent: Carroll, De Magalhaes, Friday, Melrose, Morvant, Zebda


Guests: President Flavius Killebrew, Vivian Dawkins


I. Call to order.


Ivy called the meeting to order at 2:02 pm.


II. Guest speaker: Dr. Flavius Killebrew.


Dr. Killebrew expressed regret at having so little time to spend on campus during his first weeks as President. He explained that he has spent a lot time on legislative business during those weeks and went on to make some statements regarding the legislative session.


Then he presented his vision for the institution which he began to discuss as a candidate for the job and which is based on Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi becoming a premier undergraduate institution.


Ledbetter asked Dr. Killebrew if there might be an opportunity to evaluate the deans in time for College of Nursing and Health Science's accreditation visit. Harper suggested doing an evaluation of the Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences outside the cycle in this special case.


Purdy asked about the announcement of a new Texas A&M University campus in San Antonio and whether it poses a significant threat to enrollment for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Dr. Killebrew answered that it is something to keep our eye on. He reminded us that San Antonio is a large city and has a large pool of potential students to whom we should be marketing. Purdy and Ivy remarked that the opening day for the San Antonio campus is 2009 or 2010 so there is time to plan for this. Dr. Killebrew agreed; he sees it as an opportunity.


Ivy brought up the potential cuts in retirement funding that were detailed in an email earlier today. Dr. Killebrew responded that he is reasonably sure that the A&M System is working on it.


III. Approval of the minutes.


The minutes from the December Senate meeting were unanimously approved with changes.


IV. Committee reports.


A. Academic Affairs.


Wooster reported that the Committee is continuing to work on catalog copy. Carroll and Purdy have revised their survey. It was sent to all Committee members. Since he has received no feedback, he assumes that Committee approves. Copies of the survey were distributed to Senators. It was noted that some feedback was sent to Morvant so the Committee may not yet have it. There was discussion about how the survey would be distributed. Ivy suggested that Senators provide feedback now so that the Committee can move forward with the survey. Several changes were recommended and accepted. The Senate agreed that the Committee should distribute the survey, as amended today and in their next meeting. In response to a question from Ivy, Wooster said the Committee will meet next week to finalize the survey and then distribute it.


B. Awards/Bylaws/Elections.


Ivy reported for Melrose. She applauded the flyer the Committee created with Alnor's help and reported that they are still working on the Bylaws and will have something for the Senate soon.


C. Budget.


No Committee members had anything to report regarding the Committee's activities. Harper reported that she had responded to Friday's request for a meeting between her and the Committee.


Ivy reported that Friday is at the Texas A&M System Council of Faculty Senates meeting today in College Station.


D. Committee on Committees.


Ivy reported that the Committee is reworking the survey of faculty committee interest. It should be distributed soon. They have requested a meeting with Roy Coons or with the University Safety Committee to discuss ways to create designated smoking areas. She thanked Ledbetter for her input regarding what is done on other campuses.


E. Faculty Affairs.


Cook reported that the Committee has not met since the last Senate meeting and has nothing new to report.


V. Provost's Report.


Harper reminded the Senate that there will be a campus conversation on BEAMS and invited anyone who is interested to please attend. She reported that finalists for the position of Dean of the College of Science & Technology are currently being interviewed on campus. The Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration Search Committee has narrowed their list of candidates to ten and expects to present a list of five candidates to Dr. Killebrew. On campus interviews of those candidates whom he selects will take place after mid February. The Dean of Community Outreach position is being advertised in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Dr. Billiot chairs that Search Committee and members of the community have been recruited to participate on it. Dr. Killebrew has changed the Regent's Professor Award; an award may not be made every year as has been done in the past. There is a System person who keeps an eye on activity in the legislature and reports to the University. Items of interest to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi are taken up in Provost's Council which decides whether to comment on them. There are several bills already before them but which they have not yet taken up. Harper distributed copies of the policies that were passed by the President's Cabinet in December after the December Senate meeting. She reported that the University is proposing a "three-peat fee". That is, a $100 per credit hour fee to be paid in addition to tuition by students who take a course for the third (or more) time, including courses from which they have previously withdrawn, to make up for the funding that the University does not receive for courses which are repeated for the third or more time. This will probably be voted on by the System in March.


Ivy asked what Dr. Killebrew meant when he referred to "soft freshman enrollment". Harper said he meant that it didn't increase. She explained that his concern is that this might be an indication of a deeper problem. It has been typical across the state that freshman enrollment did not grow. The conclusion is that freshmen are going to community colleges.


Ivy asked why there were not open sessions for the entire faculty to meet the Science and Technology Dean candidates. Harper said she had thought that the forum was open, but several Senators confirmed that they were not invited. Harper said that the Committee may have decided against open sessions due to the cost and low attendance.


VI. Speaker's Report.


A. Summary report to the Provost of Senate Actions, Fall 2004.


Ivy explained that her memo summarizing the Senate's accomplishments during the Fall semester was a vehicle of communication to Harper and a way to inventory or keep track of Senate business. There was no discussion.


B. Executive Committee & Senate meeting schedule, Spring, 2005.


Ivy reminded the Senators to please get items for the Senate agenda to the Executive Committee in time for their meetings if they wished to place them on the Senate's agenda.


C. Ivy shared an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education.


D. Ivy distributed a copy of an email from Morvant that included a request to increase parking fees. She explained that this is information that she wanted the Senators to have as soon as possible and that she will ask Morvant to comment on it at the next meeting.


E. Ivy reported that Roberto De Magalhaes has resigned his Senate seat. The Bylaws state that when an empty seat happens between October 1 and the next Senate election, the Speaker may appoint someone to fill that seat with the approval of the remaining Senators from the affected unit. Ivy announced that she will work with College of Business Senators to fill De Magalhaes's seat. She asked for nominations.


VII. Other Business/Announcements/Adjournment.


Garcia announced that on January 29, 2005 the first Symposium on Information Assurance (computer security) will take place on campus with guests from Carnegie Mellon and a special guest speaker from the United States Office of Homeland Security.


Canales announced that Peter Seldin will be on campus on February 26 for an FRC event, "Using Administrative Portfolios to Improve Performance & Personnel Decisions", and asked that Senators encourage their colleagues to attend.


The meeting adjourned at 4:02 pm.


Respectfully submitted by


Sarah Sutton

Faculty Senate Secretary/Treasurer, 2004-05