October 15, 2004
University Center Bayview room 320

Present: Bickley, Buck, Canales, Cosgrove, Cook, Garcia, Harper, Hill, Ivy, Layman, Melrose, Morvant, Sutton, Waheeduzzaman, Yellen, Zebda

Absent: Carroll, De Magalheas, Friday, Ledbetter, Purdy, Shepperd, Winston, Wooster

Guests: Blair Sterba-Boatwright, Janis Haswell, Trent Hill

I. Call to order

Ivy called the meeting to order at 2:05 pm.

She then requested a change in the agenda. Since Trent Hill is here today instead of November, he will present first.

II. Guests: Members of the Honors Planning Committee; Q & A with Senators

Hill presented a Power Point overview of the system that Institutional Advancement uses.

He discussed the changing trends in the attitudes of donors towards giving. He described the way they identify potential donors, they way they inform those potential donors of the benefits of giving, the ways they involve donors in the University community and encourage them to invest in the University. He emphasized the way donations develop from annual gifts to capital campaign gifts to endowments. He emphasized the role that faculty can play in creating a culture of giving among current students. He noted that 90% of donors give 10% of donations and that 10% of donors give 90% of donations. He also noted that the presidential transition has somewhat slowed their progress. He presented Institutional Advancement's plan of action for the next three years (which depends on the installment of the new president).

Ivy thanked Hill for his time and presentation.

Harper reminded the Senate that it is the Parent's Council gift account from which many of the discretionary dollars come.

Honors Program Committee members Sterba-Boatwright and Haswell presented next. Ivy introduced them and described the purpose of their visit which was questions and answers about the Honors Program. The Proposal will appear as an action item at the November FS meeting. Harper presented the background for the creation of and charge to the Honors Program Committee. The Committee was created based on the desire within the University community (faculty and students) for an honors program, Texas A&M University's status as furthest behind in the System with regard to an honors program. It was created in the context of the proposed growth that is happening and is planned (in University goals) for the University.

Both Harper and Haswell thanked the members of the Honors Planning Committee for their hard work. Haswell thanked Ivy and Morvant for attending the Honors Program Campus Conversation earlier in the semester.

Layman asked how the Committee would reconcile a student who enters one track and wished to change tracks. Sterba-Boatwright noted that it would be up to the student to determine their track initially and subsequently to initiate changes in it.

Morvant complimented the Committee on creating an innovative and meaningful program. Ivy echoed his sentiments.

Ivy also commended them on the inclusion of a good deal of civic engagement in the program.

Ivy asked them to talk about their timeline and the directorship of the program.

Harper interjected that the Committee sought Senate's involvement, comments and advice, especially because they are acting on a fairly short timeline and for that reason they were envisioning a short, internal search for the Director to begin fairly quickly. It was the hope of the Committee that the program could be in high gear by the time that the new president is installed.

Morvant mentioned that the program has such a great impact on faculty that he thought it was important for Senate to vote on the issue giving their approval to the program and that the vote could take place today.

There was a discussion of whether to hold a vote today at or in November and the timeline projected for the program.

Morvant moved to add the Honors Program as an action item to today's agenda. The motion was seconded and took place. The Senate recommended the Honors Program Proposal with the 12 votes.

III. Approval of the Minutes of the September 17 meeting.

Buck respectfully requested a change on page 20 of the agenda packet to "Another reason suggested by Dr. Greg Buck was that..."

The Minutes were approved unanimously with changes.

IV.Committee Reports.

A. Academic Affairs Committee.

Morvant reported that the Committee has discussed workload reallocation. They felt that to be able to put forward a recommendation they really need to know the priorities of the faculty. Therefore, Wooster and Purdy are developing a short survey to determine those priorities.

Another item that the Committee has discussed is updating the Promotion and Tenure (P&T) document produced by the 2003-04 Academic Affairs Committee and approved by Senate. The document is now before the Dean's Council and we can expect to hear from them soon.

The current wording in P&T document contains the term multi-media. There was a question about whether that encompasses distance education. The concern in terms of P&T recommendations (especially as the recommendation is reviewed outside the University) was that the definition of multi-media would differ depending on the reader and perhaps be weighted differently depending on the definition. Harper suggested that this was an issue that should be addressed in a campus conversation. The Committee will discuss holding that conversation.

B. Awards/Bylaws/Elections Committee.

Melrose reported that the three new senate seats are now filled.

He handed out a proposed schedule for faculty awards. Application packets and information has been forwarded to each of the Colleges.

Ivy commended Alnor for her hard work compiling email lists for each college and reminded Committee Chairs that they can take advantage of those lists when they need them.

Harper advised that the Regents Professor Service Award's name has become the Regent's Professor Award. She mentioned it specifically in order to make sure that the Colleges understand that Texas A&M-CC may have been interpreting the service part of this award much more broadly than other institutions in the System.

Melrose clarified that each award is listed on the Faculty Senate website with links to the sponsoring agency's website for further information.

Most of the Awards Committees among the Colleges have been identified and it has been suggested to them that they begin discussing potential nominations well in advance of the deadlines.

Harper encouraged each College to nominate worthy candidates for the Regent's Professor Award because of the relatively small pool of applicants increasing the chances of selection.

Melrose asked for clarification on which information he, as chair, is at liberty to distribute. Harper said that they prefer to announce the winners at the Spring Awards Ceremony so she preferred that the Committee not distribute either the names of the winners or the names of the nominees until the official announcement is made.

The next item on the Committee's agenda is to review the Bylaws. Ivy suggested that anyone who has questions or concerns about the Bylaws should present them to Melrose.

C. Budget Committee.

Zebda reported that the Committee hasn't met yet because they have not received the budget yet.

Ivy let us know that the budget has been released to Senate this week. She let us know that they've upgraded from a printed version to an electronic version on CD which is searchable. Alnor will make it available to check out to anyone who wished to do so.

It is also available on the University web site, however, this version doesn't include salary information.

D. Committee on Committees.

Ivy handed out a newer version of the "smoke free environment" rule than the one that was included in the Senate agenda packet. The Committee, when they meet, will examine how this issue is handled on other campuses. She solicited everyone's (senators and constituents) opinions on the issue.

E. Faculty Affairs Committee.

Cook reported that the Committee is examining system rules for faculty leave and plans to put together a decision tree for the senate's approval and direction.

On the issue of child care the Committee has examined the most recent needs assessment (1996) conducted on campus and the large amount of work required to replicate it. As an alternative, the Committee decided to contact the YWCA to determine whether there was any interest in helping us do a needs assessment and examine the possibility of the YWCA coming to campus to run a child care facility. This request was met with a positive response from the YWCA.

V. Report from members of the Parking Task Force - Morvant and Friday.

Morvant reported that the Task Force has broken up into subgroups to obtain data. One group seeks financial data and is looking at the amounts the accounts are producing and how the funds are being used (state law currently doesn't allow us to spend state funds on parking). Another group is examining the number of individuals vs. the number of parking spots on campus, trying to correlate the number of spaces to the number of people and to determine what the capacity of the island is in terms of parking. They are also collecting traffic flow data (count of cars in and out and determine peak hours) on which to base their recommendations.

VI. Provost's Report

Harper handed out an explanation of the process that was followed in distributing faculty equity adjustments. Letters went out today to those faculty who will receive an adjustment. She then handed out an explanation of the process that was followed in distributing staff equity adjustments.

At 4:00 pm a motion to extend meeting was made, seconded, and unanimously approved.

Ivy let us know that both the College of Arts & Humanities and the College of Business distributed detailed explanations of the equity distribution. Harper added that the other Colleges would also do but havenít yet. Ivy has copies of the explanations from College of Arts & Humanities and the College of Business and would be happy to show those explanations to anyone who wishes to see them.

Harper announced that we have a new chancellor, Robert Mctier, as announced recently.

At the end of October the doctoral program in coastal marine science is being sent to the Coordinating Board. Included in the proposal is a pledge for two senior level faculty positions for Fall 2005. Reports from the Coordinating Board are positive so far.

On November 5 the second FRC First Friday Provost's Coffee will occur from 8 am to 9:45am in FRC Central.

Also on November 5 a Campus Conversation on the American Democracy Project will occur from 12:30 pm until 2 pm. In 2005-06 there will be a national conversation on the Constitution, particularly the First Amendment, which may be a topic of discussion at the Campus Conversation.

A response on the Chairs Policy should be forthcoming to Senate for discussion and approval soon, hopefully next week. There will be at least a 30 day comment period then President's Cabinet will review Senate's comments and recommendations.

Harper will be issuing a call in January for an Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs with the intention of filling it through an internal search.

Garcia asked whether appeals regarding the fairness of the division of the equity funds would be heard. Harper responded that she is open to that but isn't sure how the process would be handled; she suggested review by an external entity, possibly Senate. She also suggested that the Dean of Faculties at Texas A&M in College Station might be a good resource for methods of handling such appeals. Ivy asked Garcia to follow up and find out the name of the Dean of Faculties at Texas A&M in College Station and how/whether she would be willing to act as a resource for us.

VII. Speaker's Report

Ivy handed out a new matrix of Senator's addresses and contact info and asked that updates or changes be emailed to Alnor.

A. Report on first new faculty orientation session.

Ivy reported that 16 people attended the second new faculty orientation session. The third will take place on November 5 at 2:30 pm in the Tarpon Room in the UC. It will have a focus on service.

B. Guest Speakers.

Ivy asked for suggestions for additional speakers for future senate meetings and reviewed the guest speakers for the December meeting.

C. Presidential Search Report.

Ivy reported that there are five candidates who will be coming to campus in the next several weeks. The schedule is still somewhat tentative. Dr. Sayavedra is organizing the search and structured the schedule for interviews. Ivy suggested a change to the interview schedules that included more time for faculty to meet with the candidates. She made very clear to Dr Sayavedra that she has invited ALL faculty and librarians and Faculty Senators to the 11 am meeting with the candidate. The meeting is scheduled to occur in the Bayview Room (320) at the UC. She asked that Senators please spread the word that everyone is invited to the meetings and hopes that as many Senators as possible will attend.

Ivy announced that the next meeting will take place on November 9 in the College of Business Conference Room.

The meeting adjourned at 4:33 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Sutton

Faculty Senate Secretary/Treasurer 2004-05