Faculty Senate Meeting
January 30, 2004
UC Tejas 106C

Present: Bala, Brendel, Canales, Cook, Crowley, de Magalhaes, Friday, Garcia, Harper, Ivy, Kownslar, Melrose, Meyer, Morvant, Sanders, Shepperd, Sutton, Winston, Wooster, Zebda

Absent: Purdy

Guests: Mary Jane Hamilton, Pam Stetina, Denise Landry-Hyde

Brendel called the meeting to order at 2 p.m.

I. Approval of Agenda: Brendel made one correction to the agenda: The discussion item for Academic Affairs (V.A.2) has been tabled for the Senate meeting in February. The agenda was approved unanimously with that change.

II. Approval of minutes for November 21, 2003, meeting: Approved unanimously without corrections.

III. Announcements: None.

IV. Speaker's Report

1. Brendel said that in December, there was a set of meetings for the President's Cabinet, and one of the items was a change in evaluating administrators. Brendel and Ivy met with President Furgason to discuss this issue. One central question was: Is evaluating administrators every year overkill? Brendel said that the President proposed a 3-2-1- model for administrators' evaluations: The chair would be evaluated every year; the deans would be evaluated every two years; and the Provost would be evaluated every three years. Several Senators expressed concerns that feedback should be provided on a more regular basis. Harper said that the evaluations would be based on policy, although the wording of the evaluation policy wasn't set, yet. Harper also explained the background of a request to evaluate a campus dean out of cycle.

2. New College of Nursing and Health Sciences: Mary Jane Hamilton explained the background of the decision to form an autonomous college of Nursing and Health Sciences. She said that the initiative began in Fall 2003, and she had just gotten word that the Coordinating Board had approved the University's request for the college. Nursing and Health Sciences will become a college on September 1, 2004.

Hamilton stated that there were several reasons why the University proposed the college: (1) There have been a phenomenal growth in the number of majors in the past two years, and 60 percent of the majors are transfer students. She also said that Spohn Hospital is moving toward magnet status, which requires that 59 percent of the nursing staff have BSN degrees; currently, only 19-20 percent of the staff has BSNs. She also said that the eLine program would continue to grow.

The Provost added background information about the college's creation. She said that the President had asked all Vice Presidents to come up with an organizational structure for 2010. She decided to propose the change because of potential problems with the changes in the Coordinating Board's administration in the near future, so she thought she should make this change sooner than later. She consulted with the Dean of Science and Technology, as well as Hamilton, and she also opened a 30-day comment period.

Hamilton said that the nursing department was still working on a lot of issues. She said that the Senate should treat Nursing as a fifth college during the upcoming Senate elections this spring. Morvant had several questions about how Nursing should be represented on University committee, and Hamilton said that she would get back in touch with him. Also, concerning University committees, Harper suggested that the Senate should ask the colleges to list the committees on which they would like to be represented.

3. Proposed Parking Projects: Brendel said that the Strategic Planning and Budget Council met in early January to discuss a proposal for campus parking, which he included in the packet for the meeting. Harper said that the parking fees will double for the next academic year, but she added that issues for parking are probably still open for discussion after the 2005-2006 academic year. She said the discussion issues included the amount of parking that should be available on campus, as well as the parking rates.

Several concerns were raised from Senators: (1) The fee increases could hurt the students who could least afford it; (2) The University should consider park-and-ride options; (3) Could the University seek donors to assist with additional parking; (4) The University should look at the current parking and make it more efficient before they add more lots; and (5) Adding more parking lots would affect the University’s environment. The Senate agreed to send their concerns to Philip Rhoades' committee on parking. Zebda suggested that a Senate response be sent to the committee, and Brendel said that he would work on a draft.

4. Proposed Tuition Adjustment: Brendel also discussed the proposed increase in student tuition ($16 increase per credit hour). Harper said $1 million would be designated for scholarships for students targeted in "Closing the Gaps". Several Senators expressed concerns about the lack of publicity and advertising for the tuition hearing on campus. Ivy also asked Harper if the University had a communications plan for this increase. Harper replied that she did not think so, and Ivy suggested that Harper send a memo to all faculty members to explain the benefits of the tuition increase.

*** At 4 p.m., Brendel called for a motion to increase the meeting for 15 minutes. Senate unanimously approved. ***

5. System Faculty Council: Ivy represented TAMU-CC at a meeting of A&M System faculty senates in College Station on January 16. The group met with the System Chancellor and discussed two issues: (1) The health fees of $1.50 and (2) The absence of a system policy for a faculty member to appeal a negative annual evaluation. Ivy also said that campus in College Station is working on cooperative programs with its sister campuses in the system.

V. Standing Committees (And Associated Motions)

    1. Academic Affairs - Bala
    1. Committee Report: The report focused on discussion of the proposed promotion and tenure document.
    2. Update on Initiative I, Promotion and Tenure: The item will be discussion item in February and an action item in March. Bala passed out a document that summarized feedback from faculty.
    3. Status of Catalog Copy: N/A
    4. Action Item on Part of Catalog Copy 2004-2005: Approved unanimously by Senate.

*** At 4:15 p.m., Brendel called for a motion to extend the meeting for 15 minutes. The Senate unanimously approved. ***

    1. Faculty Affairs - Meyer
    1. Committee Report: Meyer said that the committee was considering investigating exchange programs with other universities. She asked for Senate input on this suggestion, and the Senate agreed that Faculty Affairs should continue exploring this issue.
    2. Update on Initiative I: Meyer reported that she has received 114 responses for the survey on merit raises. The committee is analyzing the data.
    3. Professor Emeritus application: The committee approved the recommendation for emeritus status for Dr. Jim Carlsen, and the nomination will now go to the Provost. Meyer said that she has received another application for emeritus status, and the committee will meet to discuss it.

*** At 4:30 p.m., Brendel called for a motion to extend the meeting for 15 minutes. The Senate unanimously approved. ***

    1. Awards/Bylaws/Election Committee - Melrose
    1. Committee Report: The committee has worked out the elections timeline for the spring, and Melrose passed out the calendar.
    2. Update on Initiative II: The committee is working on language for a recommendation. He will discuss this issue with the committee.
    3. Status of Faculty Awards for Spring Semester: The awards are on track, and Melrose will get the deadlines for the awards to the Senate office. He told Harper that he would need updated guidelines for some awards, particularly Regents Professor. Harper said that the committee should assume that the guidelines will remain the same, but she would check on this issue.
    1. Budget Analysis - Zebda
    1. Committee Report: Zebda said that the committee has just received the budget, and they are looking at the data. He said the committee has not met this semester, yet.
    2. Update on Initiative IV: The item has been moved as a discussion item for the March meeting and an action item in April. Friday added that he has been sending out surveys.
    3. Zebda added that, in the budgets, he noticed certain fund balance accounts and would like to analyze those accounts. Could those accounts be used for another purpose? Harper said that Kathy Funk-Baxter would be able to discuss those accounts with the committee. Brendel will follow up on this request.
    1. Committee on Committees - Morvant
    1. Committee Report: Morvant said that committee would meet next week to discuss committee appointments and the feasibility study.
    2. Update on Initiative V: The item is scheduled as a discussion item in February and as an action item in March.
    3. Status of Committee Surveys: He said that the response rate was better than last year. Two colleges (Arts & Humanities and Science & Technology) had the highest response rates.

*** At 4:45 p.m., Brendel called for a motion to extend the meeting for 15 minutes. The motion was unanimously approved by the Senate. ***

VI. Provost Report: Harper reported several items to the Senate:

    1. Eliot Chenaux's office is responsible for scheduling meetings on campus, so any concerns about publicity should go to his office.
    2. She has discovered that there is no A&M System policy on promotion appeal.
    3. Governor Perry sent an order that calls for an accountability system in Texas higher education by December 2004.
    4. There is a new state rule that Texas will not reimburse TAMU-CC for students who take the same course for the third time. She has asked Manuel Lujan to check the data.
    5. For the proposed doctorate in curriculum and instruction, the proposal is at the level of the Coordinating Board. External reviewers will be on campus next week.
    6. The School of Visual and Performing Arts has been approved for September 1, 2005.
    7. Search for Arts and Humanities Dean: The last candidate will be on campus next week.
    8. Ray Hayes has taken a job at Mississippi State University, and he will leave in March. President Furgason has not decided how to fill Hayes' position, not has he announced the interim situation.
    9. Linda Avila, Dean of University Outreach, will work for one more year and then retire.

Meyer told Harper that there had been traffic problems at the intersection of Ocean Dr. and Ennis Joslin, and she asked Harper if she knew when they would finish the construction. Harper said that she did not know, but she would check.

*** At 5 p.m., Brendel called for a motion to extend the meeting for 15 minutes. The motion was approved unanimously by Senate. ***

  1. Any Other Business
    1. Canales brought up concerns about the "Pie a Prof" event on campus, and she will draft a resolution for Senate discussion at the next meeting.
    2. Canales presented "Draft Rules for Designation of Graduate Faculty" from the Graduate Council. Senators should send feedback to Canales. One question that arose was: Is the amount of detail in the document necessary?
    3. Crowley reported a problem with rats in his building. Harper said that anyone spotting rats should contact Physical Plant and the campus safety office.
    4. Brendel said that the next two Senate meetings would take place in the Tarpon Room.
  1. Action Items:

    A. Resolution on System Faculty Council Representation: Approved unanimously by Senate.

  2. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Edward Kownslar
Faculty Senate Secretary/Treasurer