Faculty Senate Meeting
Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
August 29, 2003
2-4 p.m.
UC Tejas Room 106A

Present: Bala, Brendel, Canales, Cook, Crowley, de Magalhaes, Garcia, Harper, Ivy, Kownslar, Melrose, Meyer, Morvant, Purdy, Sanders, Shepperd, Sutton, Wooster

Absent: Friday, Winston, Zebda

Meeting began at 2 p.m.

Brendel began the meeting by asking for a quick round of introductions from the Senators, and he announced that Crowley will continue serving as the Senate's parliamentarian for the 2003-2004 academic year. Brendel also introduced the Senate's new Administrative Assistant, Jackie Alnor.

Brendel also said that his pledge was to get the meeting packets to Senators one week before the regular meetings.

The Senate took a brief break to have a group picture taken.

    1. Academic Affairs (Bala): Nothing to report for this meeting.
    2. Faculty Affairs (Meyer): Nothing to report.
    3. Awards/Bylaws/Election Committee (Melrose): Nothing to report.
    4. Budget/Analysis Committee (Zebda): Nothing to report.
    5. Committee on Committees (Morvant): Nothing to report.
    1. Faculty Affairs Committee: Emeritus status for Dr. Steven Barnes
      Meyer made the motion to approve this item, and the Senate voted to approve emeritus status for Dr. Barnes unanimously. Harper said that the recommendation would now be forwarded to President's Cabinet and then to the December Board of Regents meeting. If approved, the emeritus status would be awarded during the May commencement.
    1. Harper said that Java City had moved within the library to the Reserve Room next to the Circulation Desk. She provided the background of the problem with Java City's location in the open, and she said that Phase II of the move would involve constructing an external entrance to Java City.
    2. Harper discussed TAMU-CC's participation as a founding institution for the Hallmarks of Excellence. She will be attending a leadership institute in Asheville, North Carolina, and other attendees will include Paul Orser, Carlos Huerta, Glenn Blalock and Deb Wilson.
    3. Harper discussed the issue of faculty/shared governance and passed out a handout for SACS criteria referring to faculty governance. Harper discussed each point in the document. She also said that she had questions about shared governance between the Senate and the University's administration, as well as shared governance between the Senate and the colleges. What are the issues between Senate and these groups?
    4. Harper discussed the next steps for budget and strategic planning. She said that there were considerable feelings that the budget process had some outstanding issues that did not come to closure. Should the Senate pick up some of those issues? She suggested that the Senate's Budget and Analysis Committee work with her office on some of these issues first, and then the work could be extended to the Academic Council. She added that the long-term academic planning is to reach 2010, and the short-term planning is to reach 2005.

    5. Questions for Provost:
    1. Wooster asked the Provost about the promotion and tenure process. What should departments tell their faculty? Harper responded that she has been talking to the college deans about this issue and asking them to review the expectations on the college and department level. She added that she could conduct a "Campus Conversations" on this issue.
    2. Brendel asked Harper to elaborate on expectations for tenure. Harper said that the University would have the same kind of process, but perhaps the wording of the documents should be tightened. She added that we should look at the process from our institution's perspective and the perspective of where we want our institution to go.
    3. Crowley asked what had happened to the firearms signage. Harper said that she had gotten a response back from the A&M System, which said that they wanted something more explicit. She said the issue was in the office of Ray Hayes or Roy Coons. She will check on this issue.
    4. Brendel asked Harper for suggestions about advancing academic issues for this year. Harper emphasized that academic quality is important. For example, she said that the doctoral advising issue for faculty could be an academic issue or even an admissions issue.
    1. Brendel asked everyone to be resources for new faculty members.
    2. The newly-designed Senate web page is online.
    3. The Homecoming Committee needs a faculty member, and he asked anyone who might be interested to contact him.
    1. Crowley discussed Dean Hain's memo on receiving pay for adopting a textbook. There was a group of faculty on campus that asked publishers if they would be willing to provide scholarship money if they adopted their textbooks. Harper will refer the memo to the Ethics Council.
    2. Crowley passed out "Specific Suggestions for Efficient Senate Meetings". The Senate approved a motion to refer the document to the Awards/Bylaws/Election Committee.
    3. Ivy suggested some kind of affirmation for President Furgason's actions throughout the 2002-2003 budget year. Should the Senate write a document or have a reception? After some discussion, the Senate voted unanimously to refer the item to the Executive Committee, which would come up with the wording for an acclamation to present at an appropriate event. The Executive Committee will bring a draft back for Senate consideration.

Respectfully submitted,

Edward Kownslar
Faculty Senate Secretary/Treasurer
September 3, 2003