Faculty Senate Meeting

April 23, 2004

UC Tejas, Room C

2-4 p.m.


Present: Bala, Brendel, Canales, Cook, Crowley, de Magalhaes, Friday, Garcia, Harper, Ivy, Kownslar, Melrose, Morvant, Purdy, Sanders, Shepperd, Sutton, Winston, Wooster, Zebda


Absent: Meyer


Guests: Elaine Yellen, Cyndi Maurstad, Bunny Forgione, Eve Layman, Gregory Buck, Carolyn Chase, Christine Shupala, A.N.M. Waheeduzzaman, Pat Carroll, Sally Bickley, Ben Soto, Charles Irby, Chris Knapick, Dan Goad, Beatrice Blomquist, Cindy Hanson


Meeting called to order at 2 p.m.


I.                   Approval of Agenda: Brendel asked to add Bea Blomquist and Cindy Hanson from Human Resources to the agenda; they would update the Senate on changes in employee benefits (added to the agenda as IV.F.). The Senate approved the agenda with that change.


II.                Approval of March 26, 2004, Minutes: Approved unanimously without corrections.


III.             Announcements: Brendel said that, since it was the last meeting of the year, he asked everyone to stay on task and be brief.


IV.             Speakers Report:


A.    Transitioning of Faculty Senate and Senate Officers: Brendel said that this would happen near the end of the meeting.

B.     Update on Student Printing: Christine Shupala, director of Bell Library, spoke to the Senate about the new printing system. She provided a handout and discussed the background and the reasons for implementing the system, adding that it really was a printing cost recovery system. She added that, From April 2 to April 23, students had printed more than 210,000 sheets in the Library and in the Tutoring and Learning Center. The charging for printing will begin Summer I.


Shupala discussed alternatives to printing, including downloading documents. Also, the Library will replace all printers in the labs and public areas during the summer.


Chris Knapick from Campus Copies said that the exact amount to charge is still under review; he is working with Kathy Funk-Baxter from the Comptroller's Office to determine the exact amount. He also said that the system was used for cost recovery, not for profit.


Morvant asked if the University could provide a number of free pages before students could be charged, and Knapick said that that was still a possibility.


Charles Irby suggested that the Senate send their concerns on this issue in a letter to the Information Technology Council. He also suggested that the Senators send their concerns to their college representatives on ITC.


Senate lobbied for reducing the printing cost per page.


C.     Year-end Financial Report: Brendel present the report, which was included in the meeting packet.


D.    Response from Student Government Association: Brendel presented the memo from SGA, adding that he had met with the SGA official several times.


E.     Ad-hoc committee recommendations for released university funds: Brendel presented the report from the committee.


F.      Presentation by Human Resources: Bea Blomquist and Cindy Hanson had just returned from the System Employee Benefits Advisory Committee (SEBAC) meeting in College Station and reported on several items: (1) The committee voted not to increase insurance premiums for next year; (2) incentive programs for next year will include smoking cessation and weight loss programs, as well as any necessary prescriptions to complete those programs; (3) TAMU-CC will be using FAS Relocation Network for moving effective May 1; and (4) The committee did not think that they had enough information to vote on merging with Employment Retirement System (ERS), and they hoped to have more information soon.


V.                Standing Committees (and Associated Motions)


A.    Academic Affairs -- Bala


1.      Action Item: Initiative I, Recommendations on Promotion & Tenure Policies: The Senate continued reviewing items 11-24 of the document. The changes to the items included:


Section II  


The Senate voted to pass Section II with 3 abstentions.


Section III


Crowley recommended deleting "Rational" from the section title.

The Senate approved Section III with 1 abstention.


Section IV  


The Senate voted to approve Section IV with 5 against and 2 abstentions.


Section V  


The Senate voted to approve Section V with 2 abstentions.


After the Senate voted on Section V, Crowley proposed a substitute motion for promotion and tenure. Zebda seconded the motion, and Crowley passed around the proposed document. Crowley explained the background of the document and said that the Senate should not be passing issues that were difficult or impossible to implement. He said that he also wanted to bring external evaluation to the P&T process. Crowley added that he commended the efforts of the Academic Affairs committee.


Ivy said that the Senate was not conforming to its bylaws by considering Crowley's document.


Morvant said that the Academic Affairs Committee had spent several months, soliciting feedback from faculty, and the committee's document reflected that feedback.


Canales asked if the Senate could incorporate some of the points from Crowley's document? Brendel said that the Senate could, and Ivy said that someone in next year's Senate could do that.


For Crowley's substitute motion, 1 person voted for the motion, 10 voted against, and 5 abstained.


Brendel then called a vote for the Academic Affairs proposal, and Senate voted to approve the entire document as amended by a vote of 14 for, 0 against, and 3 abstentions.


2.      Year-End Report: Bala presented the report, which was included in the meeting packet. He added that the committee had not completed its review of the Provost's NCAA recommendations.


B.     Faculty Affairs:


1.      Action Item: Initiative II on merit pay: Kownslar reported for Meyer. He said that the only changes in the report were the recommendations, and he and Crowley updated the Senate on those revisions. The Senate approved the report by a vote of 14 for, 0 against, and 1 abstention.


2.      Status of Professor Emeritus Applications: Kownslar said that the committee was still working to complete the application for Joyce Barnes. He told Harper that Meyer would be getting in touch with her about that application. All other applications have been reviewed and completed for the year.


3.      Year-End Report: Kownslar distributed the report that Meyer wrote.


C.     Awards/Bylaws/Election-- Melrose


1.      Status of Faculty Awards for Spring Semester: Melrose presented the Year-End report.


D.    Budget Analysis -- Zebda


1.      Update on Initiative IV: Financial Analysis of Summer School: Zebda presented the committee's recommendations.


Based on their key finding that Summer School generates a lot of money above its marginal cost, the Committee recommended (1) that the University reinvest $300,000.00 into faculty development, for instance 50 summer releases, (2) that the University raise summer compensation from 8.33% to 10% to become competitive with other institutions, and (3) that the University allocate $100,000.00 for professional development for faculty including speakers and travel.


The Senate approved the recommendations by a vote of 15 for, 0 against, and 0 abstentions.


2.      Year-End Report: Zebda briefly discussion the report, which was included in the meeting packet.


E. Committee on Committees:


1.      Update on Initiative V: Feasibility Study of 9/9 or 9/12 Teaching Load: Morvant said that he would send out an FYI report when he gets the data.

2.      Status of Committee Assignments: Morvant that this information was included in the Year-end report, which was included in the meeting packet.


VI.             Provost Report:


Harper reported two items to Senate:


A.    The Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction was approved by the Coordinating Board; and

B.     The external reviews for the Doctorate in Environmental Systems should begin in May or June.


Ivy asked Harper to update the Senate on the search for the President. Harper said that Leo Sayavedra will chair the group. She also said that she had heard rumors that the search committee would include two Regents and probably a sitting President in the A&M System. She added that Dr. Furgason would like to be the director of the Harte Institute by November 1.


Crowley asked Harper why American Bank lost its contract. Harper said that she was not involved with this decision, but she said she had heard from Kathy Funk-Baxter that it was a business decision; Wells Fargo had given the University the best deal. Friday, who had served on the selection committee, agreed that Wells Fargo had proposed the best deal.


Crowley also asked for an update about the gun signage. Harper said that that issue was on the back burner, but she would check with Paul Orser.


VII.          Any Other Business


A.    Brendel asked for a Senate vote on endorsing the ad hoc committee's recommendations for released university funds. The Senate voted unanimously to endorse the document.

B.     Retirement of Outgoing Senators: Brendel presented certificates of appreciation for retiring Senators. Ivy also presented a gift to Brendel in appreciation of his service on behalf of the Senate.


The outgoing Senators left the meeting at 4:15 p.m.

The new Senators were seated at 4:15 pm.


C.     Election of officers for 2004-2005: Elections for new officers were held with the follow results:  


D. Committees for 2004-2005: The following committees formed:


Academic Affairs Committee

Mark Morvant, Chair

Dan Goad

Bunny Forgione

Roberto de Magalhaes

Robert Wooster

Sally Bickley


Awards/Bylaws/Election Committee

Don Melrose, Chair

Cyndi Maurstad

Swint Friday

Elaine Yellen

Pat Carroll


Budget Committee

Awni Zebda, Chair

JoAnn Canales

Eve Layman

Ross Purdy

Mario Garcia

Swint Friday


Committee on Committees

[Chair undetermined]

Cyndi Maurstad

Robert Wooster

Roberto de Magalhaes

Bunny Forgione

Richard Shepperd


Faculty Affairs Committee

Linda Cook, Chair

Gregory Buck

Richard Shepperd

Sarah Sutton

A.N.M. Waheeduzzaman  


The meeting adjourned at 4:50 pm.  


Respectfully submitted,


Edward Kownslar

Faculty Senate Secretary/Treasurer 2003-2004




Sarah Sutton

Faculty Senate Secretary/Treasurer 2004-2005