Faculty Senate: Executive Committee Meeting
Friday, November 30, 2001
University Center, Tejas Room 106A

Present: Brendel, Brouillard, Cabrera, Haswell, Kownslar, Sterba-Boatwright, Zebda.

Visitor: Dr. Harvey Knull

Meeting began at 1:30 p.m.

1. Approval of Minutes: Approved without corrections.

2. Visitor: Dr. Harvey Knull, Dean of Graduate Education

Dr. Knull introduced the current draft of the graduate admissions policy, which was created in response to House Bill 1641 in the Texas Legislature. HB 1641 mandates changes in graduate admissions policies for state universities. He would like the Senate to examine the draft and provide feedback.

Knull added that the Graduate Admissions Council would meet on January 17 and 31 to review the admissions criteria of TAMU-CC programs and determine if they meet university policy and state law requirements.

Sterba-Boatwright added that, at the meeting on December 7, a motion would appear before the Senate to defer evaluating program standards to the Graduate Council.

3.Standing Committees

  1. Academic Affairs
  2. Haswell reported that AAC will meet next Friday (December 7) before the Senate meeting to discuss catalog copy, advising, and the draft policy of "Oversight of Academic Scholarships."

    Sterba-Boatwright added that the Senate must approve all catalog copy during its February meeting. Haswell will report the proposed changes in catalog copy to the Senate during the January meeting.

  3. Budget & Analysis
  4. Zebda has received a copy of the University’s budget. He will meet with Sterba-Boatwright to discuss committee assignments.

  5. Bylaws and Elections
  6. Sterba-Boatwright will talk to the A&M System Attorney about the state’s rules on tuition discounts for university employees.

  7. Committee on Committees
  8. Cabrera reported that the survey has been sent out. The committee will meet sometime during the week of December 3-7 to fill committee vacancies.

  9. Faculty Affairs

Brouillard reported on two items:

  1. Chair's Policy: Brouillard has been examining the policies for hiring and retaining department chairs from other universities, such as the campuses from the University of Texas system. Most of the universities consider the chair as an external, rather than internal, appointment. She said that she was not sure how applicable some of the policies would be to TAMU-CC. She will work on drafting a policy.
  2. Faculty Workload Survey: Brouillard will present a draft of the survey at the December 7 Senate meeting for input. Faculty Affairs will distribute this survey in the spring semester during the first week of classes. The proposed survey will include demographic questions, such as graduate vs. undergraduate assignments; release time; the number of graders; and other support resources. The survey will be distributed through campus mail or the web.

    F. Other Committees

  1. Animal Experimentation: Sterba-Boatwright said that Dr. Lewin will present a policy for discussion at the December 7 meeting.

4. Other Information

Sterba-Boatwright discussed several informational items that were attached to the agenda:

  1. System Model for Outreach to High Schools
  2. Standardized Meeting Schedule (Second Draft): This schedule covers the week before classes during the long semester.
  3. Physical Master Plan: This plan covers building and renovation projects on campus; the amount required and source of funding for each project; the proposed timeline for completion; and the people who will be responsible for each project.
  4. System Policy 31.05.03: Witnesses in Judicial Actions or Legislative Investigations.
  5. System Policy 31.05.02: External Employment.
  6. Institutional Mission Statement: Sterba-Boatwright said that by the time the Senate meets on December 7, there will already have been a definite (yes/no) vote on the current draft of the Mission Statement.
  7. Governance Surveys: Sterba-Boatwright said that he will examine these documents during the holidays and report back to the Senate.

Meeting ended at 2:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Edward Kownslar
Secretary/Treasurer, TAMU-CC Faculty Senate