September 16, 2011 2:00PM

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  1. Approval of minutes, April 2011, Retreat August 2011
  2. Welcome and Introductions
  3. Meeting with Provost,
  4. Speaker's Report.
  1. Discussion of Provosts Task Forces
    • Retention: 10% improvement
    • Academic Plan: perhaps 1 per college.We need to develop an academic roadmap to guide us for the next several years. There will be numerous components to this plan. Several include:
    • Assessment
    • New Program Areas
    • Emerging Research 3-4 people
    • Undergraduate Program Identity-I would also like us to discuss the development of a set of experiences that will span all of our majors and provide a distinct educational experience, beyond the core. These experiences could include: undergraduate research/creative activity, writing across the curriculum, global awareness, academic service learning, information literacy, environmental stewardship, senior/capstone experience, etc. Perhaps the undergraduate committee itself might want to take this on, or we could form a team for this as well. (6-8 people)
    • Enrollment Management: How we grow will also be important. We will need to develop a plan that will guide us in our recruitment. This plan I hope to get started on and completed by October. I would appreciate, a faculty perspective on this team as well. (2-3 people).
  2. Old Business
  3. New Business
    1. Sam Ramirez, presentation of CivilRightsProcedure
    2. Minor change to Tenure Rule discussion
    3. Report from Athletics-Swint
  4. Senate Committee Reports
    1. Academic Affairs Committee
    2. Budget Committee
    3. Committee on Committees  
    4. Faculty Affairs
    5. Other committees Not all will have reports.
      1. Honorary Degree Committee-No Report
      2. Instructional Technology and Distance Education Committee
      3. Inter-Institutional Program Development Committee
      4. Parking and Transportation Committee
      5. Core Curriculum Committee (FC³)- Needs a member from Senate I think
      6. Student Publications Committee -This needs a new member
      7. University Center & Student Activities (UCSA) Advisory Council -Needs a new member.
      8. Undergraduate Admissions Committee- We need to have a rep for this on senate.
      9. Veterans Affairs- Chuck Etheridge
      10. Diversity Committee-Chuck Etheridge
      11. Graduate Council - Chuck Etheridge
      12. Honors Council- Bilaye Benibo, Cherie McCollough
      13. Enrollment Management Council -Bilaye Benibo
      14. Intercollegiate Athletics Council - Bilaye Benibo
      15. Student Success and Retention Council - Needs a member
      16. Undergraduate Council- Needs a member?
      17. University Committee on Committees- Karen Loveland ?
  5. Provost Comments