Faculty Senate Retreat Agenda
20 August 2010
- Revised

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Aproval of Minutes - This will take place at regular September meeting. Usually the retreat does not include normal business. However, things do come up over the summer and maybe this should change. Calendar, Tentative meeting in December.

III. Speakers Short Report

IV. Committee Assignments, determination, reassignments?

V. Committee Chair determination / Executive Committee

VI. University Committees Councils

VII. Senate Annual Priority Determination. This determines what are focused issues will be. It does not preclude things that come up in the year or normal business like catalog copy approval or awards. This will be handled like it has been the last two years (probably more). I hope I have this correct. If I have skipped a step or stumbled in some way, I would appreciate another senator correcting me.

VIII. Other issues? Calendar Committee.

IX. Adjourn