March, 2011




  1. Approval of minutes
  2. Welcome and Introductions
  3. Parlimentarian discussion
  4. Faculty Development leave
  5. Speaker's Report.
  6. Bilaye on TCFS (Texas Council of Faculty Senates)
  7. Parking, Parking Fees Report by Jody Nelson
  8. Facilities Use Policy (introduced in February)
  9. Tenure Policy Revision March 2011Draft .Tenure Policy in committeeFebruary. This is under consideration. Links below are policies named in the tenure policy. The links are for your convenience.
  10. Academic Dishonesty Policy
  11. Calendar 2013-2014
  12. Position Statement of the Faculty Development Leave Committee
  13. Senate Committee Reports
    1. Academic Affairs Committee
    2. ABE Committee
    3. Budget Committee
    4. Committee on Committees  
    5. Faculty Affairs
  14. Other committees Not all will have reports.
    1. Honorary Degree Committee-No Report
    2. Instructional Technology and Distance Education Committee-Met but nothing much to report.
    3. Inter-Institutional Program Development Committee - No report
    4. Parking and Transportation Committee -Steve Hall,
    5. Core Curriculum Committee (FC³)- Kristen Davis
    6. Student Publications Committee -Renee Ridley
    7. University Center & Student Activities (UCSA) Advisory Council -Renee Ridly
    8. Undergraduate Admissions Committee- We need to have a rep for this on senate.
    9. Veterans Affairs- Chuck Etheridge
    10. Diversity Committee-Chuck Etheridge
    11. Graduate Council - Chuck Etheridge
    12. Honors Council- Bilaye Benibo, Cherie McCollough
    13. Enrollment Management Council -Bilaye Benibo
    14. Intercollegiate Athletics Council - Bilaye Benibo
    15. Student Success and Retention Council - Vacant but Lizzy is on it
    16. Undergraduate Council- David Moury
    17. University Committee on Committees- Karen Loveland
  15.  Provost comments
  16. Other issues?
  17. Adjourn