Faculty Senate Agenda
November 20, 2009

I. Approval of minutes – October 16, 2009 (attachment)

II. Speaker’s Report

• TCFS Report (attachment)
• Retirees Issue Up-date
• Staff Advisory Council
• Meeting with the Chancellor

III. Parking and Funding Issues - Jody Nelsen and Kathy Funk-Baxter

IV. Export Controls – Harvey Knull and Renee Gonzalez

V. SACS Focused Report – Paul Orser

VI. Study Abroad Scholarship Change – Anantha Babbili (attachment)

VII. Committees

• Academic Affairs Committee – Nikki Changchit & Elizabeth Sefcik
• ABE Committee – Bilaye Benibo
• Budget Committee- Michael Moody
• Committee on Committees – Nancy Rogers (attachment)
• Faculty Affairs Committee – Mark Pfeifer

VIII. Other issues

IX. Provost Comments

X. Adjournment