Faculty Senate Agenda
January 22, 2010

I. Approval of minutes -- November 20, 2009 (attachment)

II. Speaker's Report

 A. Provost's Council
 B. T & P Timeline (attachment)
 C. Task Force Reports

 1. Distance Education (attachment)
 2. Course Distribution (attachment)
 3. Summer School (attachment)

III. Changes in FRC -- Denise Hyde and Joseph Doan (3 attachments)

IV. S & T Course needs approval (attachment)

V. Retiree Benefits Proposal (attachment)

VI. Committees

A. Academic Affairs Committee -- Nikki Changchit & Elizabeth Sefcik

B. ABE Committee -- Bilaye Benibo

1. By-laws Amendment (attachment)

C. Budget Committee- Michael Moody

1. Dependent Children Scholarships (attachment)

D. Committee on Committees -- Nancy Rogers

E.  Faculty Affairs Committee -- Mark Pfeifer

1. ORP policies (attachment) Study Abroad Scholarship Change (attachment)
2.  Turnitin.com Recommendations (attachment)
3.  Externally Funded Grants and Contracts "Supplemental Pay" (attachment)
4.  Web Development Procedures (attachment)

VII. Other issues

VIII. Information Security -- Ron Brown

IX. Adjournment