Faculty Senate Agenda
February 19, 2010
I. Approval of minutes – January 22, 2010 (attachment)

II. Welcome and introductions – Paul Meyer and Matthew Baysden
III. Speaker’s Report

• University budget situation
• Texas Council of Faculty Senates
Administrative Assistant Search

IV. SACS up-date – Paul Meyer and Chris Shupala
V. QEP – Susan Wolff-Murphy
VI. Committees
• Academic Affairs Committee – Nikki Changchit & Elizabeth Sefcik
– Military Science Minor (Attachments)

• ABE Committee – Bilaye Benibo
• Budget Committee- Michael Moody

– Dependent Children Scholarships (attachment)

•Committee on Committees – Nancy Rogers

– Center for Faculty Excellence (attachment)
• Faculty Affairs Committee – Mark Pfeifer

VII. Provost comments

VIII. Other issues?