Faculty Senate Retreat

August 22, 2008


The 2008-09 Faculty Senate met on August 22, 2008 to identify and prioritize issues for the 2008-2009 academic year. 


Discussions yielded the following ten (10) issues (the numbers in parentheses are the number of votes each issue received indicating priorities for the coming year):


1.    Pay Equity (15) – includes gender pay equity.

2.    Instructional Technology Issues (15) – includes WebCT (serving faculty and students, training & certification), student use of Islander email accounts, faculty email mailbox size, and other technology training issues.

3.    Other Pay-related Issues (14) – includes salary compression, COLA, and benefits for new faculty (e.g., insurance).

4.    Course equity across campus (14) – includes credit for independent study and thesis supervision and release time for online faculty.

5.    Campus Safety & Communication (14) – includes guns on campus

6.    Campus Services (12) – includes bookstore-related issues (posting information online, night/weekend hours, alternatives), other services (e.g., advising) for non-traditional students (night, online, weekend)

7.    Academic Honesty (10) – includes training students & faculty and consistency across campus.

8.    Recycling On Campus (1)

9.    Communication with the Coordinating Board (0)

10.  Using Senate Budget/Unused Funds (0)


The Executive Committee will discuss these issues and assign them to committees at their first meeting.


Dr. Lucero brought forward two issues for discussion at the retreat.


The first issue was the Texas A&M System Chancellor’s request that each system school provide a list of questions to be used on a student evaluation instrument.  The instrument will be developed and used to identify and reward outstanding teachers across the system.


Following a discussion of concerns and issues related to the proposed plan, the senate voted to comply with the Chancellor’s request (Vote: 19 for, 0 against).


A second motion to appoint a task force to work on the questions and draft a statement about our concerns related to the equity of the process was also passed (Vote: 14 for, 5 against).


Sharon Talley volunteered to chair the task force.  The following senators volunteered to serve on that task force: Mike Moody, MaryKay Mortimer, Bilaye Benibo, and Louis Katz.


The second issue was the proposed new mission statement for TAMUCC.  Following discussion and identification of concerns about the new mission statement, a motion to approve the new mission statement was defeated (Vote: 3 for, 16 against).


Dr. Lucero asked senators to email their concerns about the proposed mission statement to her by the following week. The executive committee will compile those concerns and prepare a statement to give to the Provost regarding our objections to the proposed mission statement.


The Faculty Senate Retreat adjourned at 1:30.