Faculty Senate Agenda
April 17, 2009

I Approval of minutes from March 13, 2009 (attachment, p. 2-5)

II Speaker’s Report

• Meeting with President Killebrew
• Budget report (attachment, p. 6)

III Intercollegiate Athletics Council - Swint Friday

IV QEP - Susan Wolff-Murphy (attachment, p. 7-9)

V SACS Update – Robert Nelsen and Christine Shupala

VI WebCT/Blackboard Task Force up-date – Sharon Talley

VII Committees

• Academic Affairs Committee – Mark Hartlaub

–Undergraduate Council Proposal (attachment, p. 10)
–End-of-year Report (attachment, p. 11)

• ABE Committee – Jennifer Anderson

–Awards up-date
–End-of-year Report (attachment, p. 12)

• Committee on Committees – Nancy Rogers

–Progress on appointments
–End-of-year Report (attachment, p. 13)

• Faculty Affairs Committee – Marvarene Oliver

–Calendar procedure revision - second reading (attachment, p. 14)
–Emeritus candidate Ross Purdy
–End-of-year Report (attachment, p. 15)

• Budget Committee- Mary Bantell

–Salary research up-date and recommendations
–End-of-year Report

VIII Provost Comments

IX Other issues?

X Recognition of out-going ’08 – ’09 Senators

XI Recognition of ’08 – ’09 Executive Committee Members

XII Seating of new senators

• Election of officers (Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Secretary)
• Creation of senate committees
• Summer retreat

XIII Adjournment