Faculty Senate Agenda
October 13th, 2006

I. Approval of 9/15/06 minutes (attachment)

II. New Faculty Orientation Series (flier)

III. Speaker Report

IV. Subcommittee Reports

"Pay Issues" ranking

1. Cost of living (Budget, Texas Council of Faculty Senates)
2. Salary compression (assoc level)
3. Large class sizes, compensation & support
4. Schedule of pay periods, Summer I & II, for new faculty
5. Adjunct pay, inequity

V. Revised Chair policy/New Assistant/Associate Dean policy

VI. University Prepatory High School Program - Discussion

VII. Revised Policies – for discussion, voting at next meeting

VIII. System Regulations (attachments)

IX. Provost’s Comments

X. The good of the order.

XI. Adjournment