Friday, March 24, 2006, 2:00 p.m.
Please note location: Bay hall 126

I. Call to order & Introduction of New Senator from Nursing

II. Guest Speaker: Chuck Irby, Director, Computer and Media Services

III. Approval of the Minutes of the January 20 and February 17 meetings (attachments)

IV. Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs Committee -- Waheed

1. Discussion/Action Items: Catalog Copy (attachments)

B. Awards/Bylaws/Election -- Buck

1. Report on nominations for Senate seats
2. Discussion Item: Bylaws change on Speaker eligibiltiy (attachment)

C. Budget Committee -- Friday

D. Committee on Committees -- Ivy

1. Evaluation Cycle for Administrators (attachments)

E. Faculty Affairs -- Garcia

1. Action Items: Changes to 4 University rules (attachments)

a. Tenure
b. Evaluation & Promotion
c. Academic Rank Descriptors
d. Descriptions of Teaching, Scholarship, and Service

F. Executive Committee -- Ivy

1. Discussion/Action Item: Non-Tenure Accruing Clinical Faculty proposed university statement (attachment)
2. Discussion Item: Granting Extension of Tenure Probationary Period proposed University rule (attachment)

V. Speaker's Report

A. Conversation with Killebrew & Kirby on P&T (forwarding of files)

VI. Interim Provost's Report