Friday, August 26, 2005, 2:00 p.m.

UC Tejas 106B

I. Call to order and Approval of the Minutes of the April 22 meeting (attachment)

II. Speaker's Report

A. Senate Roster corrections; materials in binders (committee membership, bylaws, etc.)

B. New Faculty Orientation: initial session (8/18); three sessions in the fall semester (attachment)

C. Faculty Story Hour

D. Update on hiring administrative assistant; use of Senate conference room (office key)

E. Executive Committee & Senate meetings schedule (attachment)

F. Membership on Executive Committee (at-large members)

G. Guest Speakers for Senate Meetings

H. Update on Workload Survey (repeat of last year)

III. Provost's Report

A. President's Investiture

B. Momentum 2015

C. Common campus email addresses

D. Funding of faculty merit pay and equity adjustments

E. Other issues

IV. New Business

A. Special Election, College of Education (Melrose)

B. Senate rep on Calendar Committee

C. Suggestion Box (Garcia)

V. Other Business and Announcements

VI. Issues Generation, Goal-Setting Session and Assignments to Committees

VII. Adjournment