Friday, April 28, 2006,
2:00pm, Bay Hall 126

I. Call to Order & Approval of the Minutes of the March 24 meeting (attachment)

II. Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs Committee -- Waheed 

1. Year-end Report (attachment)

B. Awards/Bylaws/Election -- Buck

1. Awards update
2. Election update
3. Action Item: Bylaws change on Speaker eligibility (attachment)
4. Year-end Report (attachment)

C. Budget Committee -- Friday

1. University Budget update
2. Year-end Report (attachment)

D. Committee on Committees -- Ivy

1. Update on Evaluation Cycle for Administrators (attachment)
2. Update on University committee assignments
3. Year-end Report (attachment)

E. Faculty Affairs -- Garcia

1. Year-end Report (attachment)

F. Executive Committee Ė Ivy

1. Discussion/Action Item: Non-Tenure Accruing Clinical
††† Faculty (attachment)
2. Action Item: Granting Extension of Tenure Probationary
†† Period (attachment)
3. Proposal: Exec to examine series of New Faculty Orientation sessions

III. Special Discussion/Action Item: Curricular Revision in Nursing -- Layman (attachments)

IV. Interim Provostís Report -- Kirby


V. Speakerís Report -- Ivy

A. Updates: orientation for new Senators; CD1 master planning sessions; Provostís search

B. Year-end Financial Report (attachment)

C. Change in Academic Honesty catalog copy (attachments)

D. Speakerís action on revised Final Exams and Study Week procedure (attachments)

E. Summer & Fall Meeting Date Suggestions (attachment)

F. Representative on Calendar Committee & Graduate Council

G. Appreciation of Officers, Committee Chairs, & Administrative Assistant

VI. Other Business

A. Retirement and Recognition of outgoing Senators

B. Official seating of incoming Senators

C. Election of officers for 2006-2007

D. Committee assignments for 2006-2007

VII. Announcements/Adjournment