Friday, August 27, 2004, 2-4pm

UC Tejas 106A

I. Call to Order & Introductions of Guests

II. Guest Speakers

A. Jorge Ramirez & John Stalmach, Identity & Branding Presentation
B. Harvey Knull, Research Enhancement Presentation

III. Approval of the Minutes of the July 9 summer retreat (attachment)

IV. Provost's Report

V. Speaker's Report

A. New Faculty Orientation: initial session (8/19); three sessions in fall semester (attachment)
B. Executive Committee meeting schedule (attachment)
C. Dan Goad's situation
D. Laptop checkout procedures (attachments)
E. Committees to notify Senate office of fall meetings

VI. Other Business

VII. Announcements

VIII. Issues from Summer Retreat, Goal-Setting Session, & Assignments to Committees (attachment)

IX. Adjournment