Friday, November 19, 2004, 2-4pm
PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF LOCATION: College of Business Conference Room (FC 101)

I. Call to Order

II. Guest: Coach Ronnie Arrow, Men's Basketball

III. Approval of the Minutes of the October 15 meeting (attachment)

IV. Discussion Items

A. Academic Calendar (drop date) - Sarah
B. Proposed University Procedure, Designation of Graduate Faculty (attachment)
C. Revision of University Procedure, Assurance of Protection of Human Research Subjects (attachment)

V. Committee Reports

A. Faculty Affairs Committee - Cook
B. Academic Affairs Committee - Morvant
C. Awards/Bylaws/Election Committee - Melrose
D. Budget Committee - Zebda
E. Committee on Committees - Ivy
F. Action Item: Recommendations for Chairs Policy (attachments)

VI. Provost's Report

VII. Speaker's Report

A. Third new faculty orientation session (focus on service)
B. Guest speakers for Senate meetings: December meeting - Lari Young, Perf. Arts Center
C. Student Government committee on homecoming activities

VIII. Other Business/Announcements/Adjournment